CMS NARS 2018 Stock Car Series Championship rFactor 2

CMS NARS 2018 Stock Car Series Championship rFactor 2

The great people over at NARS CMS have their very own 2018 Stock Car Series Championship in rFactor 2. Check it out and join!

We do like our good variety here at simrace247, NARS CMS will be hosting their very own 2018 Stock Car Series Championship in rFactor 2 using the FREE S397 mod. Check it out, sign up and get racing!

“Rubbin’ is Racin’ “ – Stock Cars come to NARS for 2022

For the first ‘short’ series championship of 2022, NARS will be mixing it up with some stock cars on road and oval courses as a taster to this dynamic and demanding format of racing.

Since 1993, the NASCAR Xfinity series and it’s predecessors have been providing the entryway for aspiring drivers to step up to the top tier of stock car racing, the NASCAR Cup Series. The racing whether on ovals or road courses, is exciting and dynamic, proving to be a real crowd pleaser as well as intensely competitive for the drivers.

The NARS series will be using the the free S397 Stock Car 2018X mod, which was designed to simulate the Xfinity series and provide a first rate stock car racing experience.

For this series, the mod will be adapted with NARS liveries and two driver championship categories – PRO and AM. While not the full-throated Super Speedway machines of the SC2016 version, they are still packing an impressive 650hp under the hood, making the SC2018X a powerful, exciting and engaging racing machine that has been built solely to allow drivers the opportunity to race each other hard out on the track.

The Xfinity series is 26 races over the course of the year; the NARS championship will be much more modest in scope, but won’t be scrimping on the challenge or excitement!

The 8 race championship series will feature 4 road and 4 oval venues based generally on those to be used for the 2022 real life Xfinity series and then tailored for the NARS time frame.

Since stock car races are quite different to road races – as real life stock car drivers have discovered – a special feature of the oval races will be a live Race Director and live pace car driver to manage yellow flag situations in a dynamic manner.

At the end of the points season, however, there will be a special event using the Stock Car plugin developed by Matt Sentell at SCSR to give the field a taste of a ‘full on’ NASCAR race!

All the details needed to sign up and join: 

The championship starts with a pre-season event at Pocono on 13 Jan 22 with qualifying at 2100 hrs EST. The first points race is to be held two weeks later on 27 Jan 22.

Drivers wishing to race must be subscribed to the NARS Steam Workshop item at Steam Community and have joined the CMS Discord.

This will ensure that the drivers download and install the proper mod for the series as well as linked to the tracks we will be using.

As with all the CMS rF2 events, races will be broadcast live to the official CMS Youtube channel and you can get all the series details at the NARS webpage.

Sign up and join: 

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