oNiD Racing 6HR Zolder 29/01/22 Sign UP!

oNiD Racing 6HR Zolder

Come and join oNiD Racing for there 6hr of Zolder endurance event in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Sign ups are open for the event on 29th Jan 2022.

Our great league partner ONiD Racing has a fantastic 6hr endurance race coming up at Zolder in Assetto Corsa Competizione. For those who wish to take part in the event, grid spots are available for people to sign up and get involved.


We are pleased to finally get to announce our next endurance event; the 6 hours of Zolder.

We’re excited to confirm this event will be the first event arranged with our friends at Apollo Racing Club – ARC. Event details:

  • January 29th, 2022.
  • Practice: 3pm GMT (10 am EST)
  • Qualifying: 4pm GMT (11 am EST)
  • Race: 4.30pm GMT (11:30 am EST)
  • Cars – GT3
  • 65 min max stint teams of 2-4 drivers

Sign up right here: simracing.gp events

In addition, further information for this event, and any future ACC Endurance events, is available through a new Discord role. Simply head to the choose-your-roles channel and select the ‘ACC Enduros’ to see the relevant area!

Further information regarding the event will be contained within the 6hrs-of-Zolder and on ARCs Discord:

If you are taking part you must join ARCs Discord, navigate to the #role-assignment channel, and select the ACC Endurance Role. All driver briefings, discussions, livery submissions and rules will be listed there.

oNiD Racing is a League Partner with simrace247: oNiD Racing League

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