New 2022 Assetto Corsa mods Vento Uno And More

Check out these great and new Assetto Corsa mods featuring the Vento Uno, a 712hp concept car that takes it to another level.

Assetto Corsa and its mods community know how to kick off 2022 with some stunning vehicles including the Vento Uno concept car.

Not only that, John Pinder (aka sirspats gaming) is our very own in house youtube creator that highlights such great creations.

To check out these mods visit: 

New 2022 Assetto Corsa mods Vento Uno And More
Picture credit: HiPole 428Design

All the details on the cars from performance and stats are mentioned in the video, be sure to check out the creators of the mods and video by supporting, subscribing and sharing.

Assetto Corsa has been going very strongly in the sim racing community thanks to its mod creators. We have seen numerous great cars, tracks and so much more added to the game giving it great diversity that appeals to the masses.

Assetto Corsa has cemented itself in the history books of great gaming titles that will be spoken about for many years to come.

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