Monday Night Fun RWB International Donington


Monday Night Fun RWB International Donington

Monday night fun with RWB International is worth checking out. Open to newcomers and all, drop by and get some racing done.

Come and check out the Monday Night Fun races with RWB International. Round 2 visits Donington in Assetto Corsa Competizione with the GT3 cars. This fun drop in event is open to all and gives a great idea of how RWB International runs there events.

Two formats are available to those who attend being short races and a long race alternative. Be sure to check them out and consider joining other hosted events and more.

This long established racing league has been going since 2007 covering many events, races and fun!

Format 1 Short Races:

  • Practice 20:45 GMT
  • Q1 15 mins, leaving pit once, one full lap allowed
  • Race 1: 25 mins
  • Race 2: 25 mins
  • Mandatory refuel (15 min pit window)
  • Half points per race

Format 2 Long Race:

  • Practice 30 mins 20:45 GMT
  • Quali session 15 mins, leaving pit once, one full lap is allowed
  • Race: 55 mins
  • Mandatory pit x2 (40 min pit window)
  • Normal points per race

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RWB International is a league partner with simrace247: RWB International League Partners