AMR DANI3L Community Sim Racer Blog #2

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AMR DANI3L is all set and ready for his live streams and races for 2022. This community racer is about having fun with like minded racers and drivers in the sim racing community. Be sure to tune into his live streams and subscribe, or even take part.

Finishing the final touches to his office setup for 2022, Dan is ready to get out there and have a blast.

Hello one & all.

Firstly, I would like to personally thank everyone who had taken the time to read my first blog last Monday on SimRace247. The first one is always the most nerve wrecking and difficult. So, it was a huge accomplishment to fully complete that one. I hope that you all enjoyed the read and having the opportunity to know me a little better?

Last week was a very productive one indeed. It was a case of trying to prepare as much as possible for this first week returning to content creating and live streaming on my Youtube channel. I would have returned sooner, except for a couple of things that set me back:

I was a little bit behind in my preparations, so I needed the extra bit of time to finalise everything I wanted to do in the upcoming weeks/months in 2022.

I had my Covid booster vaccination on Wednesday 5th January. So, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I would have suffered any side effects from it. Thank the lord I didn’t but it was always best to be safe than sorry.

Trying to be organised is never an easy feat. It does take time which some of us don’t really possess for all kinds of reasons. Obviously, having a calendar/schedule planner does help to plan your weeks/months in advance.

But, something which can also be very beneficial is finding the ideal workspace to gather your ideas and thoughts together. Unfortunately, the room where I have my sim rig setup isn’t exactly what you call…….VAST!

So, during my break these last couple of months, I decided to use my initiative by converting one of my built-in wardrobes/closets into a compact little office space. It wasn’t as arduous or difficult as I thought.

Luckily, I had a piece of timber at home that was the perfect size to use as a desk for the space, purchased an LED strip light from a certain shopping site I can’t mention (obviously) and somehow, managed to fit a GT Omega Racing gaming chair in this tiny area. I still have no idea how I’ve achieved that because the chair is humongous.

But I’m very pleased with the result and how it has all come together. Now I use this office area to write up all my sim racing ideas for video content and streams, which I’m slowly filling 2x A4 sized notepads. Might need a third at the rate I’m going! And of course, typing up all my weekly blogs for!

Now that I’ve had the extra time needed to be ready, I can finally return to doing what I love most. Creating sim racing content on my channel!

The first live stream which I’ll be venturing into this week will be a brand new GT3 series in ACC with an organisation I’ve never competed with before called BoA eSports. But that’s what makes this latest challenge very exciting when competing against drivers you’ve never raced with before.

The opening round of the BoA eSports GT3 championship will be contested at the circuit of Oulton Park. How GT3 machines compete around this track in the real world, I have no idea. If you can imagine driving a large school bus around a go-karting circuit, that’s basically what GT3 racing is like around Oulton Park.

And yet, they somehow do! As proven in the real life equivalent, the “British GT Championship”. I’ll be piloting my #413 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 for this 7-race campaign. It’ll be interesting to see how we all fair around this very narrow and demanding rollercoaster of a circuit.

Tune in to the BOA eSports Oulton Park stream

Wednesday’s stream will be something completely different from any of the serious racing I do on the channel. It’s a set of live stream specials which I’m intending on doing all throughout 2022 called “Pedal To The Metal”.

The idea of these specials is very simple. I take a group of cars in Assetto Corsa and my audience has to guess the lap times that certain vehicles can set around a particular venue. Two previous specials which I’ve done in the past are based on the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Green Hell a.k.a the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

What I’ve decided to do for this opening special is take some rather interesting mods that exist in the world of AC to see how quickly…..or not, they can go around Brands Hatch.

Just to give you some idea of the weird and wonderful mods involved, we have a pair of Lego Hot Rods, a cardboard box, the Flinstone’s family vehicle, a sim rig (no joke) and of all things in a sim racing title, a plane. Why do I get the feeling the latter won’t take off? Bad pun absolutely intended. This will be a fun stream to do for sure!

Tune in to the Assetto Corsa stream

All throughout 2022, I will be hosting a monthly rally series which everyone is welcome to join and participate in (link to DR2 club can be found below). We’ll have 12 events with all kinds of different class vehicles.

In fact, we currently have a rally event underway right now around the snowy stages of Monte Carlo in the legendary F2 Kit Cars. In this upcoming stream, I’ll be attempting to survive all 12 stages of the Monte.

If you’ve seen my live streams of DR2 in the past, they can either go very well or spectacularly badly. But hey! That’s what makes it fun. I do hope to be a better rally driver. That’s one of my aims for this year. If I can do that, it’ll be an absolute win! But it all kicks off this Thursday at Monte Carlo.

Tune in to the Dirt Rally 2.0 Monte Carlo stream

The final stream of the week on Friday will be the second of our fun streams. This time, in Forza Horizon 5. I’ve always loved free roaming driving games that have lots of exploration to them.

To a lot of us gamers/sim racers, it’s the ultimate escapism from the real world. And Forza Horizon does all these elements very well indeed. So, I thought it would be a good excuse to have a community meetup every Friday with my subscribers to take on some fun races and challenges around the very beautiful landscape of Mexico.

If anyone reading this blog would like to join me for some fun in Forza Horizon 5, then please simply do the following:

  • Add me to your XBOX friends/followers list. My Gamertag is “AMR DANI3L”
  • Send me a message on XBOX live to inform me that you would like to join my Horizon convoy

Tune in to the Forza 5 stream

So, there we have it! That’s all the streams that I have lined up for this first week back to my channel. But after a lengthy period I’ve been away from racing and rallying, how will I get on?

Will I end up being triumphant? Scrapping for the second or third podium places? Or will I end up crashing and burning? Well, please be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of my weekly blogs on Monday 17th January where I’ll talk about my sim racing adventures.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this second blog. I always appreciate it. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!