MasterCup Rally Season 2 Starts 08/01/22 Dirt Rally 2.0

MasterCup Rally Returns For Season 2 In Dirt Rally 2.0

Season 1 of the MasterCup rally in Dirt Rally 2.0 was a great success. Its time to buckle up as season 2 is coming your way January 8th 2022.

One of the greatest and grueling rally leagues returns for its second season in Dirt Rally 2.o, the MasterCup rally has passed its first year and looking forward to another season. Founder and organiser of the MasterCup Freddie Kitching, has worked very hard to turn his rally passion into something great.

As many will know, simrace247 is a league partner with the MasterCup, we are pleased to see the growth and enjoyment people have had in season 1. We are excited to continue our support into season 2 for Freddie and the MasterCup.

Speaking with Freddie he announced ” MasterCup season 2 will kick off on 8th of Jan 2022 with more than 8 of the DLC’s, this is to give a much bigger challenge to our drivers.

“Not only that but MCR2 will also now push our drivers even further with having only 2 repair bays per event, to give our new members a fighting chance we’ve extended repair times as well. With that said I’m looking forward to seeing you next year, for all the mayhem that is rally”.

The MasterCup is open to those on console & PC

You can sign up right here: Dirt Rally 2.0 Clubs


The MasterCup is a league partner with simrace247: MasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship