Women In Sim racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #45

Women In Sim racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #45

Women in sim racing continues in 2022 with Yvonne Houffelaar keeping the community posted on her events and more with blog #45.

Yvonne Houffelaar continues the women in sim racing blog here at simrace247, blog #45 is her first for 2022 and I am sure there is lots to look forward to!

Welcome to my forty fifth weekly blog, the first in 2022!!

Happy New Year, and I wish you all the best for 2022!!

SSBB 3 hours at Le Mans
On Thursday 30-12-2021, was the SSBB 3 hours at Le Mans. It was on GT Sports, with a group 2 or group 3 car. I chose to drive with a group 2 car, the Honda NSX. I didn’t have time to practice much for it, I started after a meeting late on Wednesday evening.

With only an hour of practice, I started the race, to get more experience in GT Sports, and also at Le Mans. I already knew that I was not going to be good enough to go for a podium, but my goal was top 10. I finished P10. Sophie Aeronwen also drove in this race, she drove very well, and won the race!!

Race Asylum
On Saturday 01-01-2022, was the first race in the new year. Race Asylum organized three oval races. The rules were a bit complicated, but I love to drive Nascar and I was looking forward to it! It was in three different cars.

The Ford Mustang at Northern Isle Speedway i finished in 8th position, Chevrolet Camaro at Broad Bean Raceway i finished in 6th position, and the Dodge Charger at Blue Moon Bay Speedway where I finished 4th just missing out on 3rd due to a fuel miscalculation.

Once all the points from race finishes and intermediate splits were calculated I finished P6 Overall. It was a tough new experience but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


NL-BE Simracing Community
On Monday 03-01-2022, was the BMW Z4 Cup, organized by NL-BE Simracing Community. It was 1 hour at Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop, with the BMW Z4. It was on GT Sport, I didn’t know the track until I started practising after the oval races, before I registered I needed to know if my pace was good enough.

It turned out, my pace wasn’t bad at all, after some practice I knew how the track was going and I drove very well! I qualified in P3, which was already higher than I thought. After one mistake on the first lap, I passed two people and after that I was battling for P4. I needed to defend a lot, and save fuel. I made it to the finish with the fuel, and ended up P4.

The next race will be next monday (10-01-2022), again i will need a lot of practice as it’s a track i don’t know and have never raced on before.

Full stream replay: NL-BE Simracing Community

Race Asylum Real World 150
On Tuesday 04-01-2022, was round 7, of the Race Asylum Real World 150. 68 laps at Laguna Seca, in the Volkswagen Beetle GT3. I was glad that it was on Laguna Seca, because I knew the track very well from Assetto Corsa Competizione.

After some practice during the day, I knew a good result was possible! I made a strategy, trying a two stop, if needed a three stop. We needed to use all the tires, soft, medium, and hard. I had a good qualifying, and started from P2. After a hit in the last corner, I was at P8.

I noticed that I had a lot of grip, for a medium tire. When I looked it turned out that I was on the super soft, the qualifying tire which wasn’t allowed in the race, and probably will give me an after race penalty.

I did everything right, started the qualifying on medium tires, but still I wasn’t on the right tire for the start. Because I was on the Super Softs, I couldn’t do a two stop, and I needed to drive longer on the mediums.

I drove 50 laps, around P3, and then the trouble started with the tires, lost too much time on the mediums, and finished P4, 4 seconds behind P2. I was very disappointed after the race, and still am. This was the opportunity to get a podium in this series, on GT Sports.

Full race replay: Race Asylum Real World 150

Upcoming races:

07-01-2022 Theamusante Community Rush Hour, 1 hour @ Zandvoort
08-01-2022 RCI Endurance World Challenge, 6 hours @ Monza
09-01-2022 PLR; Team Championship, 2 hours @ Donington
10-01-2022 NL-BE Simracing Community BMW Z4 Cup @ Willow springs

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