Grassroots 1987 Cup Cars All Star Series iRacing 2022 Schedule

Grassroots 1987 Cup Cars All Star Series iRacing

Ladies and gentlemen the Grassroots 1987 Cup Cars All Star Series in iRacing is on the horizon for 2022. Here we see the schedule of what is to come.

Now we do like to mix things up a bit here at simrace247, Grassroots All Star Series has its fantastic 1987 Cup cars events coming up in iRacing.

The Grassroots All-Star Series‘ first preseason has come to a conclusion, and the promotion is now preparing for its inaugural season of points racing which will commence on January 11th, 2022.

The GASS SoBo Sportsman Division will run a 10-week/10-race season exclusively at South Boston Speedway.  The track was chosen for its history, its size (4/10th mile oval), and its propensity for exciting, door to door, short track racing action.

GASS Competition Director Paul Miles is excited to go, “I’ve been out of sim racing since 2012 or 13. I missed it. I missed it a lot. I’m really excited to get back to it”.

His return to sim racing will bring a league dedicated to hosting dyed-in-the-wool short track racing to iRacing. The SoBo Sportsman will run short heats and features, with a full race night being complete in under two hours.

The Sportsman’s ten week schedule will run on Tuesdays from January 11 through March 15.  Three of those races will comprise the division’s Triple Crown Championship.

Drivers competing in extra-distance races on January 25, February 15 and March 8 will race to become the first GASS Triple Crown King of the Hill.

Grassroots 1987 Cup Cars All Star Series iRacing

When asked why only race at South Boston this season, Miles said, “there are a lot of racers who can’t commit to building 10 set-ups in 10 or 12 weeks.

Here, you spend some time getting comfortable in the car, and when you dial it in, it’s just a matter of minor adjustments for weather.

That, plus the idea of the track being a constant, and spending three months racing the same drivers, to me, that’s exciting to watch”.

Drivers who are interested in competing in the first GASS SoBo Sportsman Division season can expect a traditional short track with 12 lap heat races, 8 lap consolation races and 35 lap features.

Drivers will not have any fast repairs or spare tires at their disposal in this open set-up series. In short track tradition, yellow flag laps won’t count and fields will have 3 shots at a green/white/checker finish.

Drivers wanting to compete with GASS are encouraged to visit the promotion’s website and join their Discord by going to

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