Simrace247 Time Attack Ford Escort H2 RWD Dirt Rally 2.0


The first simrace247 time attack of 2022 gets back to its rally roots with the Ford Escort H2 RWD at Sweet Lamb Wales.

Continuing in 2022 is our simrace247 time attack, this time the Ford Escort H2 RWD in Dirt Rally 2.0 gets some attention at Sweet Lamb, Wales. Chosen by our newest sim racing blogger AMR DANI3L, the event is open to all on console and PC.

Starting today 05/01/22 and running until 23/01/22.

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  • Game: Dirt Rally 2.0
  • Car:  Ford Escort H2 RWD
  • Stage: Sweet Lamb Wales
  • Conditions: Daytime, clear, dry surface