Lamborghini Veneno Assetto Corsa Mod

Lamborghini Veneno Assetto Corsa Mod

Step right up and grab this Lamborghini Veneno Assetto Corsa mod. This incredible car has all the hallmark traits of Lamborghini.

Ok here we go, Lamborghini, need we say anymore, what a car brand that is instantly recognisable, and with that check out this amazing Veneno Assetto Corsa mod. There is one of many things that Lamborghini do very well, that is creating cars that look like they are from the future, with raw unforgiving noise and power.

For many years they have been the pinup posters on many walls of amazing cars, but enough of that, you need to check this car out and enjoy everything that is Lamborghini and a signature to its 50th anniversary.

To download this car visit: Lamborghini Veneno Download

Assetto Corsa was launched into early access in 2013 and turned 8 years old in November 2021. To this very day, it is still one of the most popular sim racing titles on the market with a hardcore following.