Simrace247 Sim Racing Car Of The Year 2021 Award

Simrace247 Sim Racing Car Of The Year 2021 Award

The simrace247 sim racing car of the year 2021 award shall now be announced. With so many great contenders, there can be only one winner.

Now, remember where you see it first, the 2021 sim racing car of the year selected by simrace247 will now be revealed. But before we get to that, what an outstanding year it has been for sim racing and many in its community.

I always knew the time would come for sim racing to be “well identified” as a gaming genre. With the cross support of motorsport, the harmony of virtual and reality has never been stronger.

Ok, so here we go for the simrace247 car of the year award, with so many great releases from mod creators, gaming studios and designers it has been a really tough choice. But as the old saying goes, there can be only 1 winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, fans of sim racing I present to you the simrace247 2021 car of the year.

ENSO CLM P1/01 ByKolles LMP1 by Advanced Simulation

Now many of you will be like “what!” and rightly so, the reason being you probably have not delved into the mod creations or even rFactor 2. What can I say about this car, well the input and design of this car along with Real world racing driver Tom Dillman’s input and approval from DR Kolles himself should be a great start.

If you want to create a great sim racing car, get the guy who drives it for real to help out with testing…..that is one massive box ticked. Then we get into the design and creation by Advanced Simulation.

A fine group of designers spearheaded by one of the most passionate sim racing mod creators I have seen, make no mistake about it, if a mod takes time to create perfection, so be it.

A year ago I became friends with Nick Stepanenko Head of Advanced Simulation and thought this is a guy who is extremely driven to bring the best mod creations in sim racing.

Now with that out of the way on introducing, what is it like to drive, only one word can match it “Sublime”. Since its release at the end of September, it has haunted me with its perfection, but in a good way. I have jumped from sim racing titles and pretty much every time I keep wanting to return to this car.

Every track, every scenario you throw at it, it delivers with excellence.

You can grab this vehicle right here: ENSO CLM P1/01 ByKolles LMP1 

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A big thank you also from simrace247 should be mentioned to all the other fine mod creators in the sim racing community.

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