Sim Racing Guides & Tips Defending Your Position On Track

In sim racing, we always want to become better, faster and progress, here we see a useful guide on defending your position on track.

Many people in sim racing can drive fast, however, can you say you are great at defending your position on the track from your rivals? If not, this is a great guide for you to check out. We have seen Scott Burkhart compile a great list of videos that are very useful to people in the sim racing community.

I have mentioned this many times in the work I do, “it is not just jumping in a car and racing to win”, there are many sides to sim racing, just like motorsport, it’s far greater than you know. Scott needs to be applauded for his guide’s videos as it speaks to many people in the sim racing community.

Sure many great videos are out in “content creator” land, but are they useful? Scott gets straight to the point here with these tips, no gimmicks, no memes that will be out of date next week, just pure facts that you can learn something from.


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