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ESTV Esports Television Partners With Simrace247


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with ESTV. A leading network of Esports gaming that is respected worldwide.

It is with great pleasure to announce that simrace247 has partnered with ESTV as a sim racing partner and driving force for Esports and racing.

Speaking with Eric Yoon CEO & Founder of ESTV, we recognise the importance of sim racing and how it is growing as an Esports genre.

Many people aspire to have great leagues and become recognised for their skill in sim racing, Esports is the level of worldwide recognition.

Simrace247 has shown massive community support throughout the year with many leagues, creators and more.

Our growth has reflected on continuous work to support those in the sim racing community, in return, we have opened doors for many people and ESTV is another signature of our progression.

ESTV covers many genres in gaming and and not just sim racing:

Over the course of the last several years, video games have become a vital spectator sport, with single events pulling in millions of viewers.

Our channel was launched to meet a demand for round the clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises from an insider perspective. ESTV is the first ever dedicated channel for esports and gaming personalities.

Moving forward, simrace247 will feature ESTV as a great representative within the sim racing community.

Visit ESTV today:  ESTV – Esports TV




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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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