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Virtual Le Mans Series Sebring rFactor 2 Jack Keithley

We caught up with our resident pro Esports sim racer Jack Keithley who is racing in the Virtual Le mans series in rFactor 2 at Sebring this weekend.

Jack Keithley, our resident pro esports sim racer here at simrace247 is ready for the race at Sebring today in the Virtual Le Mans Series in rFactor 2.

We caught up with Jack as he recaps on the final stages and build up before the race with the #55 TeamGB BMW.

Darren B – “Jack, i am sure you are absolutely fired up for the next race in the Virtual Le Mans Series after winning the Remus GT3 championship”?

Jack Keithley –”Absolutely, it’s that age old saying that confidence breeds confidence. But I knew that after Tuesday, it was important to move on to the next event. ”

Darren B – “How has the car been behaving, have you hit that sweet spot with a race setup”?

Jack Keithley –”Well, not yet, in short. At this point, we have done a tonne of testing together and feel we have a very strong race package under us. We always manage to do better in races than in qualifying. It is just a shame that sometimes we can be equally great on both accounts, but we are still learning with the sim and the car. ”

Darren B – “Sebring is an intense track. Where do you see your opportunities to maximize”?

Jack Keithley –”A lot of corners, honestly. The hairpin in the first sector, I think, has to be the place where positions will change hands the most. Either on the entry or exit. I also see that if we keep our nose clean and the LMP’s coming to lap us, playing a part, hopefully, that will work in our favour. ”

Darren B – “Out of the field of drivers, who do you see as a real challenge to you”?

Jack Keithley –”Everyone, haha. It’s very hard to say who specifically. I think the R8G Tesla BMW is a real target for us to beat. We have raced them at practically every round so far this season and it’s been close as to who comes out on top.

Darren B – “Whats the target position for the end of the race”?

Jack Keithley –”I think the top 5 is pretty reasonable. We have always been in the area of top 5 all season.

Qualifying session

Darren B – “Jack how did you find the qualifying session, was is it where you thought you would be”?

Jack Keithley –”Honestly, not really. We were pretty annoyed, and we worked very hard on the qualifying car. We just lack speed. I can’t pinpoint where we’re losing time because the car felt fast, but the time sheets show we’re way behind schedule.I hope that for the race, we progress. We normally do that, but nothing is guaranteed. I am sure we can make up some ground in the TeamGB BMW ”

Darren B – “Any shock surprises on the grid line up you did not expect to be in that position”?

Jack Keithley –” Aside from us being in 10th, D’Station Aston being in 7th is a shock. But they got into that position where it mattered, but it is a surprise after seeing how they have been in the season up to this round. ”

We wish Jack and his team all the best for the event, make no doubt about it, it will be a cracker.

To find out more about the race and event, visit: Le Mans Virtual Series – Elite esports event returns

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