Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #42

Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs here at simrace247.com. Yvonne Houffelaar brings us up to speed with blog #42.

Women In Sim Racing continues with our weekly blogs and Yvonne Houffelaar keeps us posted on her sim racing events and more. Attending racing leagues and enjoying her sim racing, Yvonne is here with blog #42, enjoy.

Welcome to my weekly blog number forty two !!

Pro League Racing Team Championship
On Sunday 12-12-2021, was the final round of the Pro League Racing; Team Championship, 2.5 hours at Barcelona. I drove this race together with Sophie Aeronwen. Sophie drove the qualifying, qualified P11.

After a very good first stint, she gained positions, after the pitstop we were around P6. I drove the second stint, I needed to fuel safe a lot, to get to the end of the race. Driving Bernadette (the Bentley) in engine map 4, for the whole stint, to drive 1 hour and 25minutes.

Normally Bernadette can have a fuel tank 120L, due to the Balance of Performance (BoP) we could only use 106L. Luckily the strategy worked, and we finished P4!!

Theamusante Community Rush Hour
On Friday 17-12-2021 is round 4, of the Theamusante Community Rush Hour, is 1 hour at Barcelona. It is multiclass racing, every team has a car in GT3 and a car in GT4. I drive in the GT3 Bentley, and Sophie Aeronwen is driving the GT4 Porsche. The last race Sophie and Matt drove a very good race. We are currently standing at P5 in the standings!

Women In Sim Racing

The Sim Grid Endurance Cup
On Saturday 18-12-2021 is round 3, of The Sim Grid Endurance Cup, 6 hours at Paul Ricard. After two races of bad luck, we hope for a better race. I drive together with Alethea Boucq and Mark Lewis. We are driving in Bernadette (the Bentley). Paul Ricard is not one of my best tracks. Fingers crossed that we can go for a good result!

GT Sports
On Monday 13-12-2021, I drove my 3rd race in GT Sports, 90 minutes at the Nordschleife. I didn’t know the track, before I started practising on Saturday. I drove with the GT4 Jaguar. The race was a challenge, I only have 5 weeks’ experience in the game.

Luckily, I could use Sophie’s wheel. Unfortunately, my wheel is not compatible, also not with the drivehub.
After a couple of sweaty moments, because I almost died a couple of times, I finished P3!! To be fair, if Sophie didn’t have a DNF, then I finished P4.

Women In Sim Racing

My next race on GT Sports, is Sunday 19-12-2021, 40 minutes at Laguna Seca with the Beetle. Luckily, I know Laguna Seca very well, from Assetto Corsa Competizione. I did some practice, and my pace is good. I’m going to give it all, and see where I end up!

The Sim Grid More Female Racers
The final round, of The Sim Grid More Female Racers, is at Donington. I drive together with Chris Harteveld. If we finish the race, then we have P3 in the championship!

It’s a difficult season for me in the Ferrari 488 EVO. Luckily, I got 3 podiums, and 2 times on P4. Hopefully Chris and I, can go for a good result!

Women In Sim Racing

Upcoming races:

⦁ 17-12-2021: Theamusante Community Rush Hour Round 4, 1 hour @ Barcelona
⦁ 18-12-2021: The Sim Grid Endurance Cup Round 3, 6 hours @ Paul Ricard
⦁ 19-12-2021: LC Evolution Cup 40 minutes at Laguna Seca
⦁ 20-12-2021: The Sim Grid More Female Racers Final Round, 1 hour @ Donington
⦁ 22-12-2021: IRS Christmas race 60 minutes @ Misano

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