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Jarno Opmeer 2021 F1 Pro Esports Champion

Jarno Opmeer 2021 F1 Pro Esports Champion

Jarno Opmeer, you are the 2021 F1 Pro Esports champion. A massive congratulations on your achievement and tenacious season.

They say you are a true champion when you defend and fight every rival, that is exactly what Jarno Opmeer of Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Esports Team did in the 2021 F1 Pro esports championship. A champion overcomes every situation and betters their rival in every aspect.

Like someone once said “There is a day to fight, and a time to be smart” and that is exactly what Jarno did. Honestly, the guy must have driven with a calculator at his side on his sim rig.

Throughout the whole of the 2021 season, Opmeer was methodical, metronomic, and cool and collected as ever.

His rivals had tested him at every race, wave after wave of different drivers such as Blakeley & Rasmussen tried to crack the armor of Opmeer, but he played it smart, he knew points is the golden gate to victory.

So the final round visited Sao Paulo and the Interlagos circuit, Jarno knew it was a calculated race, sure he could have gone for the victory, but he played it smart to the very end. A huge congratulations on your well deserved title!.



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