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Jack Keithley Remus GT3 Champion For Team Shmee150

Jack Keithley Remus GT3 Champion

Jack Keithley has done it! He is the 2021 Remus GT3 champion. Racing for team Shmee150, we caught up with Jack on his victory at Macau.

Our resident PRO Esports racer Jack Keithley has won the Remus GT3 championship, “Jack Keithley you are the 2021 Remus GT3 Champion”. With Jack driving for Team Shmee150, he took the title at Macau in Raceroom.

We caught up with Jack and dropped a few questions to him on his success and what it takes to be at the level he is to inspire future generations of racers.

Jack Keithley Remus GT3 Champion

Darron B – “Jack, a huge congratulations on winning the Remus GT3 Championship. First and foremost are their any special mentions you would like to say”?

Jack Keithley – “There are a lot of people. To narrow it down, the entirety of Team Shmee for not only their efforts, but when needed, they did help me and particully in that last race”.

“I may not of needed the points, but until the chequered flag, you never know and I wanted to cover all bases. My dad who always pepped me up when I needed it. Overall, I can’t emphasise just how overJoyed I am.”

Darron B –  “How does it feel to be crowned champion”?

Jack Keithley – “It feels fantastic. I feel a championship is what’s been on the cards for me for a long time. I feel I have had so much misfortune in the last couple of years when I was in a winning position for titles, but never came to pasture”.

“Today though turned that around and it makes those lows and mixed fortuned seem like nothing. Winning a championship just feels great.”

Darron B – “Moving forward for the future where do you see yourself”?

Jack Keithley –  “Just looking at how to improve in all areas. There is no time for complacency. I am elated and celebrating my Remus GT3 championship, but I got another race coming up this weekend with the VLMS at Sebring for Team BMW BB, so I need to crack on with that, have a short break after and get back to work”.

“2022 is going to be the year where I will turn 30. So, I will be a dinosaur in comparison to many of the young lions I currently race against, but I need to always look for ways to improve. ”

Darron B –  “The race had a lot of tension building up to it, how did you deal with the pressure”?

Jack Keithley – “Hmm, normally, I am a nervous wreck when it comes to a championship finale, no matter the championship with what can be at stake. But, because it was Macau and I knew how well I perform there, I was confident I could maintain my maximum pace”.

“It was just a matter of whether it would be good enough to win.I had many hairy moments where I had to keep cool during the two races. ”

Darron B –  “We know you are a big fan of sim racing, any messages to those that wish to aspire to your level for the generations growing up”?

Jack Keithley –  “First of all, do it because you want to and have fun doing it. If so, then the world is your oyster. There is nothing like doing something you love doing. It get’s you mentally and emotionally connected and that feeling of wanting to get better and better but most importantly, never giving up”.

“What does not hurt also, watch what people do with their cars and how they go fast and even if you do a race where you get beaten, learn and try to understand how you got beaten by looking at the race replay.”

Jack Keithley Remus GT3 Champion For Team Shmee150

Darron B –  “Was there any point where you knew this could be your victory and title for the taking, how did you mentally prepare for that moment in the race”?

Jack Keithley –  “Race 2, when I saw I had only 4 cars between me and my nearest title challenger, Christopher Hogfeldt. While I knew I could not slacken and had to keep pushing, I felt a small sense of relief that he was only a few places ahead and once I overtook Julian Kunze and Allessando Ottaviani, I was trying so hard to keep my cool”.

“I mentally prepared by just thinking of always how to improve at this track. Macau can tear your car is so easily if you drive a single corner wrong. I practised a tonne for it and I am so thankful it paid off.”

As we can see Jack is a fully focused sim racer that has earnt his victories and championships through sheer determination,passion, practice and never giving up. we are very proud to have Jack with us.

Once again, a huge and well deserved congratulations.


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