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Event 7 Simrace247 Time Attack Dirt Rally 2.0 Was A Showdown

Event 7 Simrace247 Time Attack Dirt Rally 2.0 Was A Showdown

The simrace247 Dirt Rally 2.0 time attack was a real battle for the quickest and boy did it get lively. Sim Racing brings the best out!

For the past 2 weeks, we had seen rivals go head to head in the simrace247 Dirt Rally 2.0 time attack. Now with all great time attack racing, competition will always bring the best out of a driver.

What was about to unfold was one of the quickest drivers in the MasterCup Rally had a new challenger that would push him to the edge.

I have said it before in many articles, a rival in racing that pushes and challenges you will always create great entertainment and beyond.

Aldyr is very well known at the simrace247 discord and the MasterCup Rally crew founded by Freddie Kitchin, Aldyr has really upped the game with his quick rally driving and speed.

Then, EA a new addition to our discord started lighting up the timing leaderboard, it was on, Aldyr had a challenger, someone that would make Aldyr push harder than he ever has.

Back and forth we had seen times come in from Aldyr and EA, the number 1 time was getting quicker and quicker, these guys were going for it!

This event was a testament to great drivers and the will push on when challenges arrive, to all those that took part, it was an impressive event!

  • Game: Dirt Rally 2.0
  • Car:  Group A Subaru Impreza 1995 edition
  • Stage: Descenso por carretera
  • Conditions: Daytime, clear, dry surface


Event 7: Group A Subaru Impreza 1995 Descenso por carretera Dirt Rally 2.0

  1. EA 2:08.897
  2. Aldyr 2:09.019
  3. PeeEss 2:16.799
  4. Donny MacGarry 2:17.549
  5. Annalise Riot 2:18.028
  6. Shortmaster69 2:31.871

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