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F1 World Champion Max Verstappen Is A Sim Racer

F1 World Champion Max Verstappen Is A Sim RacerDid you know that F1 World champion Max Verstappen is also a massive fan of sim racing and a pro driver for Team Redline?.

Well, that was a rather interesting weekend between the new F1 World Champion Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

With myself being more of an IMSA, Moto GP, and WEC fan, I do like a good championship showdown that goes down to the wire.

Now, why is a sim racing website covering the outcome of the Formula 1 world championship I hear you cry, well for those that are new to our site, welcome.

Max Verstappen is a massive sim racing fan and racer that competes in the highest tier of iRacing for Team Redline.

Lets just face it, the guy loves racing and the challenges that come with it, whether being on the race track or the virtual world of sim racing.

For many of you out there that want to aspire into Motorsport via sim racing, know this, Max is a great example that sim racing is here to stay and helps keep that sharp and competitive edge.

Was the 2021 F1 season great, yeah it was, and to be honest many fans had been longing for this kind of rivalry and season for quite a few years.

Lewis Hamilton had a great rival in Max, and to be fair I think it helped Lewis push far beyond his achievements of the past few years.

Nothing makes you push harder than a rival that is always equaling or bettering you……… just like in sim racing.

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