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F1 Pro Esports Championship 15th & 16th December Showdown

F1 Pro Esports Championship 15th -16th December Showdown

And you thought the F1 Championship was over, well, the Esports Pro Championship showdown is heading to its final three races. Tune in and support.

Now, the F1 world championship may be wrapped up with Verstappen taking the crown, but in the Pro Esports Championship, the final three races are coming up for another championship showdown.

Book the 15th and 16th of December into your diary as the top tier of F1 2021 esports pro racers and teams duel it out for the prize of “Champions”.

The season so far has some real ebb and flow to it with three drivers in contention at the top of the table.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Esports Team driver Jarno Opmeer is leading the championship by 5 points over Lucas Blakely Aston Martin F1 Cognizant Esports Team and 8 over Rasmussen Red Bull Racing Esports.

Before the break, we had seen Opmeer dig in deep and push hard to take victory at COTA.

Jarno Opmeer Mercedes “There’s a lot of pressure on the top three going into the final. It’s going to be a battle between me, Frede and Lucas which makes it very exciting, especially with how qualifying works. It can switch around really fast so anything could happen!”

Lucas Blakeley Aston Martin “I’ve not been in this position fighting for a championship before so it’s a privilege to even be in this position so I’m grateful I’m able to be doing this in the first place. I’ve been working on the details and making sure I’m prepared to the best level I can be to perform at the final event at the same standard that I have been driving all season. I’m more excited about the final than nervous for it.”

The team championship is also very close with Mercedes leading over Red Bull Racing Esports. Alpine has also been very impressive and is sitting P4 in the team standings.

Notable mentions to FDA Ferrari Team as they are pushing hard to move up the table in the drivers and team standings.

HAAS has seen an awful season thus far ( Im sorry HAAS fans) without picking up a single point in the championship, I am sure a lot of talks have been going on within the team as this really is unacceptable at the highest level of F1 Esports.


Alfa Romeo, again it has not been a great season, just 9 points taken for the team after 9 races. That is the stark reality that improvements are needed and the board room really does need a few chairs to be thrown around for both Alfa Romeo and HAAS.

Williams and AlphaTauri have seen some points picked up, but questions will be asked “could we be better”. I know it is easy for me to sit here and judge teams that are doing well and not so, but points are points and that is all that matters.

The crop of drivers and teams at the top of this championship are on another level, stand out drives have been seen from various drivers in the championship and proof that team efforts are especially important to be in contention of glory.


The final three races are going to be fantastic and personally, it is going to be a barnstormer. Who will be crowned F1 Pro Esports Champion on December 16th.

Tune in for live coverage:

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