MasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0 Festive Event 11/12/21

MasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0

The inaugural season of the MasterCup has been completed.  Members of the series reflect on its greatest moments and more.

The Mastercup in Dirt Rally 2.0 has seen a great year in 2021 with season 1. Now season 1 has been completed, the organizers and some members are getting together for a chat, checking out some of the greatest moments and videos from the inaugural season.

Not only that, there is also a prize giveaway and what is coming for the future of the MasterCup. Freddy Kitching founder of the MCR has had a successful year for the grueling MasterCup in which members have fully enjoyed.

Tune in right here for the get together stream: Twitch.tvMasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0 Festive Event 11/12/21

About the MasterCup

The MasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0 league consists of 12 events. Each event has a 30 day time period to complete an event. Each event consists of 12 stages. Repairs are only available after every 3rd stage. The location and car type changes at the launch of every new event.

The MasterCup is designed to run on the base version of the game, this is to ensure that anyone can join the event.

Cross-platform is enabled so both PC & Console players are welcome to compete. A full-on rally event that will test the might of the finest racers.

The Mastercup is a league partner: MasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship – SimRace247