Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #41

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #41

Women in Sim Racing continues with Yvonne Houffelaar and her weekly blogs. This week blog #41 has a goal reached that Yvonne deserves.

Yvonne Houfffelaar continues with her women in sim racing weekly blogs here at simrace247.com. This week, Yvonne has been racing but also celebrating amilestone with her community.

Welcome to my forty first weekly blog!!

RCI Endurance World Challenge
Round 4 of the RCI Endurance World Challenge, was last Saturday 04-12-2021, at Bathurst.I drove together with Sophie Aeronwen and Alethea Boucq. It was a busy day with also another race. Sophie qualified at P26 and drove the first two stints.

They drove some good stints, no incidents with other cars, only with the wall. Also, I put Bernadette (the Bentley), in the wall, luckily I could drive with the damage. I drove only 2 stints at Bathurst, and I drove more at Misano.

We ended up P20, hopefully, we gain some more places, after the post-race incidents.

12 hours Misano by LFM & Garage 991
On Friday evening 03-12-2021 was the qualifying and super pole. My goal was the super pole, unfortunately, I didn’t make it, with 0.1. It was very close, between P5 and P18 was one-tenth. I qualified P18.

There was more time in it, but the car was really loose and that makes it very difficult to drive fast. P18 out of 40 cars, isn’t bad, luckily. After the start, I drove 2 stints, which were solid ones, no mistakes, and a good pace. I drove around P15.

After that Sophie Aeronwen and Sara Dove, drove good stints, and we drove around P13. Unfortunately, Sophie got a game crash, and I wanted to jump in the car at Bathurst. I was the first driver and needed to go back in the Misano server, I drove there a stint, and Sophie drove my stint at Bathurst.

We lost 4 laps but still kept going. We knew we had the pace, to gain some places. With good pace from the three of us, we gained some spots, and ended up P22!

The Sim Grid More Female Racers
On Monday 06-12-2021, it was time for round 5 from The Sim Grid More Female Racers, at Zolder. I practiced a lot in the Ferrari at Zolder. It’s a difficult car, and the new tire module doesn’t make it better. After a bad qualifying, I needed to start P9.

I knew it was going to be a difficult race, and unfortunately, it was. I got hit by my teammate in the first corner after that also got hit by a few other cars, which means lots of damage, and it was 17minutes before I could pit.

The good thing about the hit is that the dirty pineapple lady is back!! I’m glad, she feels a bit better, and can race with us again!! I drove this round with Chris Harteveld, very fast and I can learn loads from him. He drove a very good second stint.

I drove the last stint, unfortunately, I got hit again, and drove the race out with 29 seconds of damage. The race was disappointing, but we still got 3rd in the pro class.

Which means good points, to hold P3 in the championship. The last race is at Donington, I drive this race also with Chris Harteveld. I hope it’s going to be a good race, and we will give it all to go for the win!!

I’m very honored to say there are more than 100 people in my discord channel!! When I started my channel, it was to talk with people, put my blog in there, and let them know when I’m streaming.

I would never have dreamed to get 100 people in there, so soon!! I really enjoy posting in there every day and talking to all of you. Thank you everyone for all the support!!

Upcoming races:

12-12-2021: Pro League Racing; Team Championship Final round 2.5 hours @ Barcelona

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