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F1 2021 Game New Free Update Brings F2 Race Cars

F1 2021 Game New Free Update Brings F2 Race Cars

F1 2021 has seen a new free update that introduces the F2 race cars to be available for the F1 2021 game.

The F1 2021 game by Codemasters has released a new update that features the F2 ( Formula 2) race cars. This free update brings with it the great feeder series to F1 and much more.

We have seen many drivers feature in the F2 racing series and progress into Formula 1. These race cars can still be very challenging, understanding their characteristics and style is the key to improvement and enjoyment.

Jump into the F1 2021 game today and enjoy these great cars:

Official release notes:

How do I access F2?

Experience F2 2021 in Grand Prix, Time Trial, Social Play, Split-Screen, and LAN. Head to any one of those modes and select ‘F2 2021’ to get started.

F2 2020 is still available in Driver career, and to find that, start a career and select ‘Driver’ and then ‘Start in F2‘, follow the on-screen prompts to tailor the career to your preference. There is one additional option: choose which Driver Academy you wish to join. You will start the F2™ 2020 with a single goal of getting to F1® for the start of the 2021 season.

How do I drive an F2 car?

Although F2 cars are less complicated than F1®, they can be more challenging, primarily if you’re used to the high levels of grip and stability. This, combined with the low-profile tyres, means you can’t lean on the car as hard in the corners, and you will need to get on the brakes earlier.

However, the most challenging aspect of driving an F2 car comes at low speed, where the lack of tyre grip and the engine’s high torque output results in a less planted car than in F1®. You’ll need to be extremely patient with the throttle while you go through the gears, as an F2™ car can easily snap on you with minimal warning.

To purchase the game visit: F1® 2021 – Official Game from Codemasters – Electronic Arts (


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