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The grand BenQ MOBIUZ Cup of Nations presented by VCO in iRacing is an event not to be missed. 64 drivers take to the grid for a battle royale.

The greatest sim racing drivers from around the world are gearing up for the BenQ MOBIUZ Cup of Nations presented by VCO in iRacing.

This grand event really is a great spectacle to watch as teams from around the world get together to battle it out on track.

If you are a fan of sim racing or great events, you are definitely going to want to check this out. Cheer on your nation!

Munich – The countdown for the final Esports racing highlight of the year is on. This weekend, a total of 64 drivers from 16 countries will fight it out on the leading sim platform, iRacing, to win the BenQ MOBIUZ Cup of Nations presented by VCO. The prize pool is 25,000 US dollars.

In cooperation with Williams Esports and RaceSpot TV, Virtual Competition Organisation will present the exciting tournament LIVE on Twitch and YouTube (Saturday/18:00hrs, Sunday/16:00hrs CET).

Special combinations of different racing disciplines, cars and tracks are part of the unique DNA of this competition. The combos will only be announced on the respective event day. Therefore, it’s not the amount of practice time that is the deciding factor, but also skills such as versatility and adaptability from the best Esports racers on the planet.

GT cars will be raced, as will be LMP2 prototypes, NASCAR and rally cars or the Williams-Toyota FW31 F1 car. These vehicles will race on legendary tracks such as Monza, Montreal and Sebring. Oval courses like Indianapolis and Homestead or the rallycross track Hell Lankebanen are also on the track list.

The Tournament: Saturday (Group Stage) Race 1: 2 cars per team, 2 drivers per car (the only driver swap race in the tournament)Race 2 (Oval): 3 cars per teamRace 3 (RX): 1 car per team After this stage, the top two teams in each group automatically advance to Finals Day. Playoff Race: for only the bottom two teams in each group (8 teams total) – 4 cars per team; the top 2 teams from the Playoff advance to Finals Day.

 Sunday (Finals Day) Semi-Final: 4 cars per team; teams will be drawn into five separate head-to-head matches for the semi-final. The 5 winners advance to the Final. The 5 losing teams go to the Last Chance race. Last Chance (RX): 2 cars per team; the top 2 teams advance to the Final Final Race 1: 4 cars per teamFinal Race 2: 4 cars per teamFinal Race 3 (RX): 2 cars per teamFinal Race 4: 4 cars per team

 The Prize Pool: 1st place nation = $10,000, 2nd place nation = $6000, 3rd place nation = $30004th & 5th place nations = $2000, 6th & 7th place nations = $1000The Participants:

 Group A Germany:Maximilian Benecke, Patrik Holzmann, Christopher Dambietz, Alexander Thiebe Portugal:Diogo Pinto, Dylan B Scrivens, Nuno Henriques, Andre Martins Hungary:David Toth, Norbert Leitner, László Szábo, Kristof Kerkes Czech Republic:Martin Sirotek, Martin Stefanko, Lukas Podstata, Philip Schiff

 Group B United Kingdom:Jamie Fluke, Charlie Summers, Peter Berryman, James J Pinkser Japan:Sota Muto, Shunsuke Kuno, Masafumi Aburame, Hayata Asaga The Netherlands:Sam Kuitert, Ryan Barneveld, Maarten van Loozenoord, Ruben Bonga Norway:Sindre Setsaas, Kenneth Gulbrandsen, Oskar Biksrud, Jarl Teien

 Group C France:Maxime Brient, Yohann Harth, Valentin Mandernach, Quentin Vialatte USA:Dallas Pataska, Elvis Rankin, Phillippe Denes, Ross Banfield Poland:Dominik Blajer, Wiktor Smolarczyk, Przemyslaw Lemanek, Mateusz Luczak Australia:Griffin Gardiner, Jaidyn J Ladic, Beau Albert, Dylan Birse

Group D Italy:Alessandro Bico, Dino Lombardi, Moreno Sirica, Simone M Marcenò Spain:Carlos Fenollosa, Pedro Sanchez, Victor Prieto, Jose Ignacio Soria Russia:Alexej Nesov, Dimitry Kovanov, Denis Gabovsky, Kirill Kolobuxov Belgium:Jonathan Poulet, Ludwig Ghidi, Kenny Roosens, Sacha Gorlé


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