IRG World Advance Formula 2021 Finale rFactor 2 05/12/21

IRG World Advance Formula 2021 Finale rFactor 2

One last ride for IRG World and the 2021 Advance Formula Series in rFactor 2. Abu Dhabi is the venue for the race on 05/12/21.

IRG World hosts its finale of the 2021 Advance Formula season in rFactor 2. Not only that we also see IRG World come to a close as a league. This great league in rFactor 2 has been a fine example of a well organized and popular league.

We at simrace247 thank IRG World and its community as well as MotogamesTv channel for its great support, we have been very proud to be a partner with you. As usual, IRG likes to give race build up to the event.

Race of Yas Marina – IRG Advance Formula 2021

Grande Finale!

Everything that has a beginning has an end as well, and so after an exciting 17 races, we have reached the final round of our sim racing season IRG Advance Formula 2021, which we will traditionally play at the Yas Marina Circuit located in the United Arab Emirates.

This ultra-modern facility was created under the supervision of the Formula 1 court designer, Hermann Tilke, who, having an almost unlimited budget, used his imagination at will, drawing quick first sector arcs, long straight lines, or designing one of the turns right under a 5-star hotel.

IRG World Advance Formula 2021 Finale rFactor 2

The exit from the service alley was also resolved in an unusual way – to increase safety, the exit itself was led under the track, cutting it and leading it out only after the third turn. Pimped up like a Christmas tree, the racing ‘Tilkodrom’ did not appeal to all drivers (even a few corners had to be rebuilt).

In the current specification, the Yas Marina resembled a 5.5 km twist with over 20 turns where it was difficult to find a “nice” driving line. Adding to this tight chicane with high graters, it is no wonder that not all drivers immediately felt a passion for the demanding and technical subject of Mr. Hermann’s pen.

Sunday’s race will be the final 18th round of the IRG Advance Formula 2021 sim racing season and the last event in the 8-year operation of our IRG-World portal, so we encourage everyone to start together one more time 😉

IRG World Advance Formula 2021 Finale rFactor 2

The situation in the general classification is clear: the championship cup has been waiting for a long time to be shipped to Paweł Mrówka, who is unrivaled this season. A place for a no less valuable trophy of the runner-up may also be prepared by the favorite of the audience – Wojciech Klimek.

Only the question of the lowest level of the podium remains to be decided, for which as many as 5 competitors will compete in Abu Dhabi.

The team is still fighting to win: Infinity Racing Team – 511 points. and DS Speed ​​SimRacing Team – 482 points, and the third place may be almost certain experienced Old Bones team – 419 points.

Full classifications are available at:

Current stats:

From here, we would like to thank everyone for the years of fun together and invite everyone to the last broadcast of the IRG Advance Formula 2021 season, which will be broadcast on

Sunday at 21:00 on MotoGamesTv: MotoGamesTV

Thanks to the Restream service, the broadcast will also be available on the following channels: IRG Twitch, IRG DLive.

The media partners of the event are MotoGamesTv, SpeedZonePL,, Simrace247

GP in numbers / Race stats:

  • Track: Yas Marina Circuit
  • Loop length: 5554 m
  • Race Distance: FL + 55 Laps
  • Number of turns: 21 (12 left, 9 right)
  • Number of brakes: 9 (3 strong)
  • Longest Straight: 1,173 km
  • Level difference: 10.7 m
  • Pit lane length: 315 (average season: 367 m)
  • Time spent in the pit lane: approx. 21 sec.
  • Top speed: approx. 345 km / h
  • Average speed: approx. 210 km / h
  • Full throttle: approx. 61% of the lap (average high season approx. 64%)
  • The greatest overload: ~ 4.3 G
  • Pressure level: high
  • Tire wear: moderate
  • Brake wear: high
  • Cooling level: medium
  • Fuel consumption: ~ 2 kg / year (average season 1.86 kg / year)
  • Influence of fuel load: ~ 0.33 s / 10 kg (average in the season 0.28 s / 10 kg)
  • Estimated number of pit stops: 1/2
  • Gear Shift: Wed. 60 / round
  • Probability of Precipitation: 0%
  • VSC probability: 30%

More data and characteristics of F1 tracks:

Plan weekend / Race Weekend:

  • Sunday – UTC + 1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
  • 20:00 Practice session
  • 21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
  • 21:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
  • 21:30 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
  • 21:35 (21:40) Official race
  • 23:00 Weekend finish
  • UTC + 1 time of the schedule

Limit przedwyścigowy / Pre race limit: 40 laps or 10-lap stint on league serves.

Servers / Servers:

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