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The Sim Racer Movie: Yes An Actual Sim Racing Movie!

The sim racer movie has released its official trailer. Yes an actual movie about a sim racer and sim racing.

Brock Drury is a film creator that has ventured into the world of sim racing and created a movie about it. Now this is not your regular per say social media content, we are talking about a full on movie here.

Brock took on the task to create his very first feature film having worked in media for 5 years, the challenge and direction to make a movie were next on the cards. Having been in contact with Brock he mentioned ” it was one of my goals to make a feature film”.

Brock hails from South Georgia U.S.A and says its not the kind of place where many movie directors and creators hang out to get noticed, so he did what all great people do….get busy.

In 2020 he started putting pen to paper and writing “The Sim Racer”, his passion in sim racing is found in NASCAR Heat 3 and knew the ins and outs about sim racing. But this is the thing, he did not want to be a racer of his passion, he wanted to make a full on movie about sim racing.

Brock goes on to mention “This movie was made with the sim racing community in mind and I think they will be proud of it”. Either way, we think taking on a great task like this and wanting to pursue your goals is always a winner.

Like many things in life, roadblocks and critiques will always stand in your way, but Brock did not give up and took on the feedback and comments in a positive and constructive way.

Brock states  “In March of 2021 we shot the film, I had a great crew and cast. Everyone really gelled and the movie will reflect that I think.

Post production is finishing up now. The trailer was just released and there have been a lot of positive comments. So keep an eye out for a release date.

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

Darren became a member of Simrace247 in January 2021 and has been a valuable addition to the platform ever since. He began his journey as an Editor and has progressed to the position of Editor in Chief, owing to his unwavering commitment and hard work. With his profound interest in motorsport and gaming, Darren is passionate about sharing news and exceptional content with like-minded people worldwide.View Author posts

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