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BMW M4 GT3 Assetto Corsa Competizione Is Too OP?

The new BMW M4 GT3 in Assetto Corsa Competizione was released recently. However, I feel some changes will be coming to it in the near future with patches as it is OP?.

As great as the BMW M4 GT3 in Assetto Corsa Competizione is, a few things stood out that others probably did not notice, it is OP. I am a big fan of BMW Motorsport, but also a voice in the sim racing community that has an opinion.

Before the person in the background shouts ” have you ever driven the car for real” I would like to make a point on this car is in comparison to the roster of other cars in the sim racing title and the aggressive preset setup.

So, firing up ACC with my thinking cap on and excitement for the car I proceeded to take to the track at Silverstone with the aggressive preset. First impressions, aesthetics and sounds from the cockpit were very nice.

But then a few thoughts started coming to mind, the front end was way too planted, the brakes were extremely OP and my lap time was half a second quicker (compared to other cars) without really pushing that hard.

As mentioned this is in comparison and balance to other cars in the game, so I jumped out of the car and tried the Aston Martin GT3 at the same track. The Aston drove as expected and was within the margins I am used to. Ok, a quick blast in the McLaren 720 S GT3, like the Aston it was in the margin of what I am used to, brakes, handling lap times etc etc.

Even at other tracks, it yields the same results compared to other cars. Did they Make a BMW M4 GTE by mistake?

Something is not quite right with the BMW, it handles too well, brakes have no fatigue and you can really stamp on them super late. The front end is glued to the track, understeer does not exist on the front end and the weight transfer does not make an appearance either.

Our sim racing driver Jimmy Mansi has also mentioned that lap times with weighted fuel on the aggressive setup are “easy to achieve”. Jimmy goes on to mention “With the latest update coming for ACC (1.8) and us being spoiled with an abundance of features, physics, graphical changes and many more.. one part of this update was the show stopper and that was the brand new BMW M4 GT3”.

Jimmy also adds “For those of you who have played ACC and really got into it will know BMW’s M6, whilst fun to drive was quite the handful. So what was going to be different with the M4? Firstly and probably the most important factor is driveability”.

“The M4 is now a car I believe any new starter to ACC could happily jump into and learn their way. Whilst the M6 was very tail happy the M4 offers much more play on the exit of corners, allowing you to mess about with the TC (once you have a good feel for it)”.

“Having jumped in the car for a handful of laps at Silverstone, I quickly noticed my times becoming close to those I had set in the AMRV8. Bearing in mind, the Aston is my car of choice and has been now for many months. What also shocked me was that these times in the M4 were done on the aggressive pre-set setup. I have made zero changes to it and the tyre pressures were far from perfect.

Another surprise when seeing my lap times, was that I didn’t feel like I was pushing the limit on these laps. I was still trying to find my way and understand the balance of the car. This has me questioning something.. Is the new M4 a little overpowered”?

To summarise 

Make no doubt about it, the BMW is a stunning car and a warm welcome to Assetto Corsa Competizione. But will we see a few patches and changes to its OP nature?

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1 thought on “BMW M4 GT3 Assetto Corsa Competizione Is Too OP?”

  1. Darren, your comments are spot on. Also, what we are finding in our league and I am seeing it in other leagues, is that two cars taking up 80% of the slots on the grid…BMW M4 GT3 and Mclaren 720s GT3. I really hope Kunos looks into this ASAP as it takes away from the interesting nature of GT racing which is many different manufacturers competing against each other.

    I always knew no matter which car I chose to race, all the cars were about 1 sec apart in performance give or take. Now…not so much.

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