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Williams Esports Pro Racer Jack Keithley DTM 1992 Raceroom

Our newest resident here at Jack Keithley Williams Esports Pro Racer takes to the track in RaceRoom in search of the fastest DTM race cars from 1992.

Jack Keithley is a pro esports sim racer for Williams Esports and knows a thing or two about sim racing, in this video he is in search of the greatest and quickest DTM race car from the 1992 era in RaceRoom.

Having a great insight from a pro esports racer like Jack is very valuable to the sim racing community as we see the styles and dynamics of how top level drivers perceive sim racing. With Jack being a big motorsport fan himself, his passion also exists in sim racing for fun as well as hardcore racing.

With DTM being such a great class of racing, Jack heads over to Macau in RaceRoom to put the cars through their paces and find out which is quickest around this technical and unforgiving track.

Jack goes on to mention “This is a review/speed test and a general feeling of driving these 3 Legendary cars, that essentially put the German Touring Car scene on the map for years to come. I test all 3 cars around the highly difficult Macau Grand Prix circuit”.


To play RaceRoom for free visit: RaceRoom Racing Experience

About RaceRoom

RaceRoom is the premier free-to-play racing simulation on PC and home to official race series like DTM, WTCR, the WTCC and ADAC GT Masters. Enter RaceRoom and enter the world of a professional race car driver.

A selection of free-to-play race cars and tracks are yours to drive with unlimited wheel time in multiplayer and single player games modes. Sponsored competitions and other free-to-play events allow you to enjoy premium game content at no cost.

Additional cars, tracks, and liveries can be bought individually or as packs inside the game store using an in-game currency called vRP, which is purchased using your Steam Wallet.

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