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SIM RACING DRIVER JIMMY MANSI WEEKLY BLOG #7Jimmy Mansi returns with another great sim racing weekly blog to keep the community up to date on his racing events and more.

We do like to support people in the sim racing community with them featuring their sim racing blogs here at, Jimmy Mansi continues with blog #7.

Jimbo’s Blog

Another week of racing passes by and it was one of my most enjoyable in terms of battles on track. It is safe to say with my new Fanatec V3’s and the CSL DD, I am finding more and more consistency and possibly some more speed..

14.11 – ACC | @onid_racing | Multiclass European Super Series | R7 Monza (wet race)

Q – P1

R – P2

My last visit to Monza (ACR) wasn’t the most positive. Ending with a DNF due to setup issues with the new pedals. So, this was a chance to redeem that with a solid result and the conditions were the same as the previous visit. My pace was good in the ACR round here, until the DNF and I was able to carry that over. I qualified on pole by almost 0.2 and was feeling good for the race.

I had a good jump off the line (having learned the brake boost start in the Aston). Held P1 through the first chicane and managed to avoid any incidents. As we went down to the second chicane, P2 had a great run on me and made a move on the inside.

It was too early to get into a proper battle so I slotted into P2 and decided to just run with him. However, as we came down the start finish straight to start lap 2, I had a great run and managed to make a move around the outside into T1, giving me the inside to T2 (you know, that move Verstappen tried and failed on?).

However, it was clear very quickly I was not going to shake P2 off. The gap didn’t go over 1 second at any point and it was constant pressure. Before the pit stop, I dropped back to P2, there was a bit of contact on the exit of the first chicane and I span.

Luckily P2 (at the time) waited for me to turn the car around and continue. The next lap I wasn’t so fortunate, as I tried to make my way past a GT4 car, I was on the outside of the exit of T2 and I can only think he was not aware I was there. The gap closed and I was forced onto the gravel, destroying my exit from the corner and costing me 3 places.

I quickly made these places back and got back behind P1 but decided to pit early to try the undercut. It would have worked if I had not come out beside a GT4 who wasn’t going to give the pit lane exit up. I had to drop back costing me vital time and the next lap round when P1 had pitted, he came out 0.3 in front of me. I knew I had the pace to race him and for the next 35 minutes, we were never more than 0.6 apart.

We were both making mistakes and getting caught with slower cars at the wrong points. Every time I dropped back, I was able to catch up again but, driving the same cars, there was no point on the track where I had a clear advantage, I could use to force a pass.

With the time running out, I was caught up with a GT4 car going into Ascari which cost me too much time. I ended up over 3 seconds behind and it was too late to try and make a comeback from here.

A solid P2 and racing against one of the quickest drivers I’ve come across so far for 60 minutes were the positives I could take away from the race.


17.11 – ACC | @ACRracing GT3 | Earth Tour [Gold] | S10 | R8 Zolder

Q – P4

R – P3

I think I came across the worst possible track for the Aston Martin this week in ACR. The car does not like tight, slow corners as it does not have the acceleration of other cars like the Bentley, Porsche and McLaren (to mention a few).

I went into qualifying not really knowing what to expect however, being in 12th with 00:30 left on the clock as I started my final flying lap was not where I wanted to be!

Fortunately, I had a clear track and was able to fully focus on my lap. I managed to improve by 0.4 which moved me from 12th to 4th position on the grid. I don’t like starting mid pack and at a small/tight track like Zolder, I can only imagine it would have ended in disaster.

I had a good start again and managed to follow P3 as he over took P2 (me moving in to P3). This whole race was me chasing P2 and making sure I pulled on the cars behind. P2 in the race was the driver who is P2 in the championship.

I have a decent gap over the rest of the field and knew if I finished just one place behind, it would be damage limitation at a track the car (and possibly myself) does not get on with.

90mins of Zolder was exhausting. It is the kind of track that if you lose a moment of concentration at, your race can be over or you can quickly rack up the track warnings and find yourself with a DT. I was able to keep P2 honest in the race, with the gap no bigger than 3 seconds.


Leaving him knowing if he made a mistake, I would be on him or pass him. Sadly, with Zolder being such a tight track and with the layout, it is a difficult track to pass at. I could get close but never close enough to make a fair, clean attempt to pass. The gap over P4 at this point was comfortable and I didn’t want to risk my lead in the championship so settled for P3.

There are two rounds to go in ACR and I am currently leading the championship by 50 points. If all were to go well at Kyalami this week, I could wrap the title up. If not, we take it to the final round at Bathurst. I love Kyalami and feel confident going in to this race that I can have a good finish.

However, there is an update coming out for ACC on the day of the race with some impending BoP changes coming. So, I won’t know where my pace is at until I sit down to practice before the race. Before the update I am running a solid pace so, who knows.. This time next week I could be doing my blog as Gold Split Champion of ACR’s Earth Tour!

ACC | @rapiddriversclub GT3 | Friday Night Lights | R2 Suzuka

Q – P5

R – P2

Having won at Suzuka a couple of weeks ago in ACR I was feeling confident with my pace going into this one. However, there are some insanely quick drivers in this championship (a certain Mr Foch being one of them). I didn’t get my optimal lap in during qualifying which resulted in me starting P5.

Again, I had a good start and things got very tight going into the first couple of corners. I held the inside however, the cars in front of me came together. One slowed up heavily whilst the other exited stage left. I was up to P4 and it was bumper to bumper for the first lap.

Lap 2 we came to the 130R with an Audi in front of me, he clipped the kerb and went spinning. Fortunately, he went off and caused no issues for me. I was up to P3..

P4 was not leaving me alone for the first half of the race. Constantly within 1 second of me and with a night race you always know someone is close with their lights making your cockpit glow and being blinded when looking at the rear-view mirror.

I decided to pit early (20mins into a 60min race) and P4 followed me. I nailed my marks, tyres changed, fuel in and away we went. I managed to get a small gap over P4 and off we went. (coming out of the pits in what was P17). (edited)

We came out just behind a slower car and we were quickly on his tail. Coming out of Spoon, he moved over to let me pass (which is the normal way to do it.. But what he did next, wasn’t) As I came around the 130R I braked for the chicane and saw the lights coming closer and closer.

I was just starting to turn in when I saw his car fly up the inside, jump the chicane and disappear in to the darkness. That moment could have been race over but fortunately, even at 37yrs old, I have some relatively decent reactions!.

I settled back down and was able to hold a steady gap over P4. A few laps later, P2 had pitted. I came around the final corner and had the call from crew chief “Car exiting the pits” it was P2 and I had a run on him. We went through T1 side by side (me on the outside) I knew he would have cold tyres and I needed to use this to my advantage.

I held around the outside, the car sliding and drifting like mad. I managed to hold my position and use my warmer tyres to grip and accelerate out of T2 and move in to P2.

The next 30 minutes were all about defending. Suzuka is a difficult track to pass on however when the car behind is a BMW and Suzuka has a couple of long straights, you’re constantly under pressure. Another race where the gap was no more than 0.7 and the constant glow of the car behinds lights is enough to keep you switched on!

I managed to stay ahead going into the final lap. As we came into the hairpin after the Degna’s I made a mistake, out braked myself slightly and ran a little wide. This gave the pursuing BMW a much better run all the way up to Spoon and down the straight to the 130R.

As we went into the final chicane, I had to defend.. I braked as late as possible, missed the apex but this gave me the inside for the second part of the chicane. The BMW was side by side with me as we came around the final corner and a bit of contact caused me to drift slightly.

The run to the line was now 3 wide.. There was just enough grunt in the Aston to get me over the line in P2 with a gap of 0.073 to P3 and P4 only 0.045 behind him. It was by far one of the closest finishes I have had to a race and I celebrated like I had won it!

As ever, I’ll be back on track this week, racing in oNiD, ACR and RDC.


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