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Berryman Wins Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing GP Championship

Berryman Wins Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing GP Championship

The Force Dynamics Dallara GP Championship in iRacing has shown a great display of world class racers throughout the whole season. Berryman takes the crown and title of champion.

The Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing GP Championship has crowned its champion. With the whole season being pure racing at its finest, everyone involved should feel a great sense of achievement.

In a championship battle that ended much like the most dramatic real-world battles of the 1980s and 90s, contact between the top two drivers in the inaugural Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship helped to decide the title winner on Thursday at the Hungaroring.

When all was said and done, it was Apex Racing Team’s Peter Berryman taking the championship and the largest share of the $25,000 prize pool over R8G Esports’ Maarten van Loozenoord with his third win of the season.

With both drivers acting as podium mainstays throughout the season, the goal was simple: finish ahead of your title rival, and secure the championship. The gap between Berryman and van Loozenoord coming into the race was two points, and the top six finishers are all separated by two points or more at the end of any given race.

Should they have tied, van Loozenoord would have held the tiebreaker with six wins to Berryman’s two coming in.

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing GP

Both drivers would be surrounded by each other’s teammates for much of the race, but it was a move by Berryman after the final pit stops that helped to decide it. Struggling to make a pass and with van Loozenoord ahead of him, Berryman opted to make an undercut into the pits, although van Loozenoord would respond the next lap by following Yohann Harth, then the leader and Berryman’s teammate, down pit road as well.

A few laps later, Berryman would have the opportunity to go for a pass on van Loozenoord into Turn 1; neither driver was willing to give up the track position, and when contact was made, van Loozenoord got the worst of it, spinning off and needing to recover.

Berryman would cycle into the lead shortly after when the remaining drivers on old tires pit, while van Loozenoord would eventually recover to third place. But by then, Berryman had put enough space on both Harth and van Loozenoord to lock up the victory and title.

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship results from the Hungaroring were as follows:










1650Peter Berryman50101:18.56625
2190Yohann Harth50-1.974221:18.60421
3469Maarten van Loozenoord50-3.25601:18.54319
4211Przemyslaw Marek Lemanek50-3.79621:18.63015
5746Valentin Mandernach50-5.87801:18.67612
699Tamas Simon50-8.07401:18.79810
71098Matteo Ugolotti50-11.68901:18.7919
858David Toth50-17.22901:18.6478
9146Jarl Teien50-22.23361:18.6327
101202Florian Lebigre50-25.067101:19.4026
11366Michele Costantini50-28.08301:18.6495
122186James J Pinsker50-41.97001:20.0484
131309Andreas J Henkel50-53.67101:20.0463
141732Jorge Marquinez50-1:08.64901:20.5582
15227Gio Cortese50-1:41.50601:20.2381
161621Alejandro del Campo49-1 L01:20.4530
17155Omar Baha20-30 L01:20.3970
181943Brian Lockwood9-41 L01:21.0770
191877Cédric BYLL8-42 L01:21.2400
20855Ben Fuller2-48 L00
212023Marcos Núñez1-49 L00
221128Sam Kuitert1-49 L00

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing GP

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship final points are as follows:

  1. Peter Berryman, 197
  2. Maarten van Loozenoord, 189
  3. Yohann Harth, 166
  4. Michele Costantini, 108
  5. Ben Fuller, 103
  6. Matteo Ugolotti, 87
  7. David Toth, 87
  8. Tamas Simon, 79
  9. Valentin Mandernach, 69
  10. Florian Lebigre, 60

Click here for full driver standings.

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