IRG World Formula 2021 Malaysian GP rFactor 2 21/11/21

The IRG World Formula 2021 series nears to a close in rFactor 2. Next up is the penultimate round and the Malaysian GP 21/11/21.

The penultimate race of the IRG World formula 2021 season is upon us, the Malaysian GP is next up in rFactor 2. Throughout the whole season we have seen some great racing and attendance for the IRG World racing series.

With live broadcast on the MotogamesTv channel, you can get in on all the action.

As usual, IRG World would like to give an introduction and race build up to the event.

Race of Sepang – IRG Advance Formula 2021

The racing heat of the tropics

There was Imola, there was Istanbul Park, it is time to remember the Malaysian Sepang which started new as 21st century F1 trends by introducing the queen of motorsport to the Asian market. From its debut in 1999 to the last (so far) Malaysian Grand Prix in 2017, the country’s population has grown by 8.6 million.

The track was built within 14 months for 120 million “green papers”. Designed by the F1 track designer Hermann Tilke (as one of his first designs), it was one of the most modern and beautiful racing facilities of its time. The stand roofs with their characteristic shape referring to the national flower of Malaysia, i.e. hibiscus, deserve attention.

Sepang International Circuit is a track that always provides good racing – the track is 5543 m long and consists of 15 turns and 8 straights with DRS zones on the two longest of them.

Speeds achieved by cars often exceed 330 km / h, but the aero lowering should not be exaggerated so that the tires do not end their life prematurely after only a few laps in long, fast corners.

As often emphasized by drivers (and motorcyclists), the surface of the Malaysian track is rough and bumpy like a potato field. The key aspects when working on the set-up of the car are good traction at the exit to long straights, good balance with strong braking and proper condition of tires in winding sections of the track.

And speaking of health, the image of the weight of the competition is complemented by extreme temperatures, considerable air humidity and zero-one weather forecasts, most often saying that it is either raining now or in a moment.

The rainstorms in the tropics do not come from the clouds or stormy fronts coming from behind the horizon – it just begins to pour over the track. One can be sure that it will happen, but it is not known when and on what scale.

In the rich history of hosting the colorful F1 Circus, the popular Sepang has witnessed many interesting events:

⦁ Here, 5 days after being disqualified from first place in 1999, Ferrari’s Eddie Irvine was reinstated to his position and became the first Malaysian GP winner.
⦁ In the 2009 season, 31 laps were completed in rainy conditions, after which the race was interrupted due to weather conditions and the competitors were awarded half of the points.
⦁ In 2013, Sebstian Vettel took his 3rd victory in Malaysia (out of 4 wins: 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015) after the controversial disregard of the team’s “Multi 21” strategy, beating Mark Webber.
⦁ In the last Malaysian GP in 2017, Red Bull scored a double – after 3 neutralizations: a collision between Vettel and Rosberg and the memorable spectacular failure of Lewis Hamilton’s engine. The always smiling Daniel Ricciardo ahead of rising star Max Verstappen won.

After the fierce competition at the Brazilian Interlagos, the general table of our IRG Advance Formula 2021 sim racing games has become no less interesting:

Invariably in the lead (celebrating his championship for several rounds) Paweł Mrówka – 451 Capt. – Behind him, the audience favorite, Wojciech Klimek, who is strengthening his second position – 329 points.

Another reshuffle in the most interesting fight for 3rd position – this time Roman jumps to the lowest step of the podium with 221 points. (strength of experience), which, however, must be careful, because he is in the crosshairs of at least a few dangerous rivals.

As a team, the Infinity Racing Team with 511 points. develops a safe buffer against DS Speed ​​SimRacing Team – 454 points. It gets interesting again around the third place where the Old Bones team – 381 points. the duo with the Friendly F1 Team – 368 points

Full classifications are available at:

Current stats:

Who will be the fastest on the Apam Balik, the thread of the Malaysian Sepang circuit, wrapped like a local delicacy? Who will get wet by the rain and who will the sun shine on? For answers to these and other questions, we invite you next Sunday at 21:00.

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GP in numbers / Race stats:

  • Track: Sepang International Circuit
  • Race Distance: FL + 56 Laps
  • Loop length: 5543 m
  • Number of bends: 15 (14 left, 9 right)
  • Longest Straight: 927 m
  • Track width: 16 – 25 m
  • Level difference: 22 m
  • Tire wear: high
  • Brake wear: high
  • Engine wear: high
  • Estimated number of pit stops: 1/2
  • First GP: 1999
  • F1 races number: 18
  • Pole position wins: 9
  • Percentage of GP Winning with PP: 50%
  • Largest GP Wins: 4 – S. Vettel
  • Distance between Sepang and Marina Bay i: 288 km

More data and characteristics of F1 tracks:

Plan weekend / Race Weekend:

  • Sunday – UTC + 1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
  • 20:00 Practice session
  • 21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
  • 21:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
  • 21:30 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
  • 21:35 (21:40) Official race
  • 23:00 Weekend finish
  • UTC + 1 time of the schedule

Limit przedwyścigowy / Pre race limit: 40 laps or 10-lap stint on league servers.

Servers / Servers:
IRG_F2021 # 1 (league, open 24/7)
IRG_F2021 # 2 (public, open 24/7)
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