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Sim racing driver Jimmy Mansi brings us up to speed with blog #6. Tracking his racing and related enjoyment in sim racing Jimmy also bags himself a new Fanatec CSL DD.

Catching up with sim racing driver Jimmy Mansi for blog #6. In this week’s blog, we catch up with Jimmy for his most recent sim racing events and a rather new shiny Fanatec CSL DD Wheel. Being a big fan of Assetto Corsa Competizione, Jimmy hits the track.

Jimbo’s Blog

Back with another week’s racing and something new arrived in between my Wednesday night and Friday night races!

I finally got my hands on the CSL DD and I’ll sum it up in one word.. WOW!


ACC | @ACRracing GT3 | Earth Tour [Gold] S10 | R7 Suzuka

Q – P1
R – P1

That one felt good! Suzuka is a strange circuit, one I never overly look forward to racing at however, one I usually achieve a good result at. I felt my pace was good in practice but wasn’t able to take advantage of the lower fuel for qualifying.. until it actually mattered.

I put in a solid quali lap in very hot and slippery conditions which was enough to take pole by almost 0.3. On to the start of the race and it would seem I am still learning my pedals as I cannot control the speed well for the launch. I dropped back to P4 before T1 but managed to get back on the inside of P3 and clear him on the exit of T2.

I could see P1 already starting to pull away after the first sector and was all over the back of P2. We came down towards the end of the first lap and into the infamous 130R.. the McLaren in front hit the kerb on the inside and went into a spin.. my heart stopped, eyes out on stalks.. All I could think was ‘no, this can’t be happening’.

Somehow I managed to avoid him and settle back into my race. By this point, P1 was +3 but it was time to start reeling him in. I’m not sure what happened with his early pace but he quickly was losing 3-4 tenths a lap to me. After a few laps, I was on him and got a brilliant run out of the Degna 2 giving me the opportunity to make a pass into the hairpin. I got the move done and now it was time to start pulling away.

By the time it came to the pitstops, I had pulled 6 seconds.. had a perfect entry into the pits, nailed my marks and after a refuel and some fresh tyres, away we went. Once the pit stops had been completed by everyone I had managed to pull another 2 seconds and was feeling very comfortable.

After this, the final 35 minutes were all about me not making a mistake, no off tracks or DT’s (like last week) and taking P1. Everything went to plan, I pulled 13 seconds in the end and P2 in the championship finished P3, giving me a 56 point lead with 3 rounds to go.


ACC | @rapidriversclub GT3 | Night Lights | R1 Snetterton

Q – P5

If you know me, you know this is a standard result at Snetterton. I don’t think I have finished a single competitive race at this track!

There are some crazy fast guys in this, one of them being Samir Foch so, to qualify in P5 and just under a second off, at my worst track, in the dark and the rain.. oh and after 2hrs using the new CSL DD base, I was quite pleased.

I got off to a good start, was into P3 after P1 picked up a DT from the start and an incident with P4 in to the hairpin on lap 1. My tyre pressures were too high though, usually, you want to be around 30.5 in the wet.. I was running 31.5 – 32. Somehow I was holding position but it was becoming extremely difficult. Then I realised I had not mapped my wheel correctly, hit a button and didn’t realise for half a lap I had put the car into map 8.

I boxed to change tyres, more to get the pressures right, sorted the issue with the mapping and away we went. I was back on race pace within a couple of laps and going well.. then, the rain eased and slicks became the optimum tyre.

I decided to stick with the wets, the track was cold and wouldn’t dry up anytime soon. Sadly, the same corner that seems to catch me out each time got me again. The fast left at the end of the straight.. I shifted down, braked, turned in but the rear kept turning. The car came around on me and sent me into the wall at speed resulting in big damage.

I decided to retire the car, more through frustration at myself for making the mistake and the fact I just do not get on with that track!

Next week we have Zolder in ACR where I will be looking to finish ahead of my rival in the championship.. all goes well, by the end of R9 I could have the title wrapped up. With RDC and the Night Lights Championship, we’re back to Suzuka (hopefully dry!)

Like always, thank you for reading, and remember to check out my Twitter where I update frequently amongst many useless tweets!

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