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HDG SimSeries International iRacing Tournament

HDG SimSeries International iRacing Tournament 15,000 Euros Prize
Picture Credit: SimSeries

HDG SimSeries a new international SimRacing tournament will distribute a prize pool of 15,000 euros with a great event in iRacing.

Grab your place on the grid for the HDG SimSeries, an international iRacing tournament, the leading platform of competitive racing simulation online.

SimSeries will feature SimRacing influencers like ‘Keny500’ or ‘Heikki’ and aims to host over 1.000 virtual pilots from all over the world.

Canary Islands October 26th, 2021. HDG introduces SimSeries, an international online iRacing competition. iRacing is the leading platform of competitive online racing simulation and SimSeries will be distributing a total prize pool of 15.000 euros among competitors starting November 22nd.

The organization expects over 1.000 competing pilots, including content creators, influencers and renowned SimRacers like Keny500, GoPro López, Heikki, Borja Zazo, Aday Coba or iroNBiN.

SimSeries promotes the participation of virtual pilots through 4 different competition tiers. According to their in-game iRating each player tier will enjoy an independent tournament and prize pool. This innovative game mechanic offers more accessibility while meeting the needs of the SimRacing community.

Each tier has its own features and stages, from classifiers to testing sessions of 120 minutes or play-offs. The pilots obtaining the best results will dispute the finals. The prize pools will be distributed accordingly among the top pilots of each tier. The inscription period for each tier will close a week before that specific tournament begins.

The bronze tier tournament, corresponding to the amateur level, will be held between November 22nd and November 28th and it is designed for pilots with up to 2500 iRating. The vehicle will be a Mazda MX-5, which will be already included in the subscription fee. The registration price is 12 euros while the prize pool is 1.500 euros.

Senior pilots will be able to compete in the silver tier tournament, where the only requirement is having an iRating between 2501 and 3500. This category will be held from November 29th and December 5th and pilots will be driving a Skip Barber. In this case, the inscription fee is 20 euros and the prize pool is 2.500 euros.

The gold tier, starting on December 6th and concluding on December 12th, is designed for veteran players with an iRating between 3501 and 5500, that will be competing with a Cat.GT3. In this category, the registration price is 25 euros while the prize pool amounts to 3500 euros.

Finally, the professional pilots having an iRating equal to or higher than 5501 will have their chance to shine in the platinum tier from December 13th to December 19th while driving a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992). Since this is the highest level of the championship, the inscription fee is 30 euros, but the prize pool is 5000 euros.

In addition to the tournament prize pools, the organization and the sponsors will be rewarding competing pilots with sweepstakes of swag and sim racing goods.

This initiative is organized by HDG, the brand under which Liga Canaria de Esports HiperDino (LCES) will operate in national and international projects from now on. LCES is the reference gaming circuit in the Canary Islands, powered by HiperDino.

Players interested in participating will soon be able to sign up to their tournament category. All information and schedule of live streamings is available at the official SimSeries website:

Furthermore, all the updates regarding SimSeries can be followed in the @SimSeries social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch.


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