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The 2021 Heusinkveld Peregrine Competition Returns rFactor 2

Heusinkveld Peregrine Competition rFactor 2

Heusinkveld and rFactor 2 celebrate the return of the Peregrine Competition in 2021. With great prizes up for grabs, this is a great competition for the sim racing community.

Grab your chance and opportunity to grab some great prizes in the 2021 Peregrine Competition with Heusinkveld and rFactor 2.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to enter the high-speed competition utilizing either your design skills or hitting the pedals out on track – either way, you can win a spot in the final race. Peregrine is where two competitions come together in a hunt for the title ‘Best Livery Design’ and ‘Heusinkveld Peregrine 2022’ race title.

The name of the game, the Peregrine falcon, is known for its extreme high speeds when going for the kill at 389 km/h, claiming the title for being the fastest animal in the world due to its streamlined aerodynamic shape, dive-bombing manoeuvrability and superior strategic insight.  All ingredients for a great new series of SFE esports, where the best designer and the race winner will grab fantastic prizes: Heusinkveld’s Sim Pedals Sprint.

The Heusinkveld Peregrine Competition

Open to contestants worldwide, the Heusinkveld Peregrine competition is all  about speed and design. Opening with a livery competition in which the ten best submissions will be selected by a jury and will make their appearance in the final race, part two of the competition is about speed and racing… More about that in Peregrine “The Race”.

Missed out last year’s final race? Click HERE

Part 1 | Heusinkveld Peregrine Livery Design Competition

We are delighted to announce that 10 community created livery designs will be selected for use in the Heusinkveld Peregrine Livery Competition aspect of Sim Formula Europe 2022. The selected liveries will adorn the cars used by our Peregrine “The Race” finalists. Community votes after the final race will decide who is the winner of the Heusinkveld Peregrine Livery competition.

The winning livery designer take’s home the fantastic Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint.

The livery competition begins Tuesday 9th November and closes at 23:59 CET on the evening of Monday 29th November. Livery submissions should be sent to no later than this date, and all submissions should be packaged in a suitable mod format to work within rFactor 2.

The Car

Oreca 07 LMP2 | Steam Store: CLICK HERE

rFactor 2 | How to create a livery mod: CLICK HERE

Livery designs are for the Oreca 07 LMP2, available as DLC content within rFactor 2.

The Submission

Liveries should be submitted in line with the guidance issued below, and using the logos provided within the ‘Logos and Resources’ section of this post. Each mod submission should be sent to before the end of November 29th and include at least 4 images of the design (front, back, top and side view).

The livery should be packaged as a mod that can be installed in rFactor 2, and should be applied to the ORECA 07 LMP2 car mode.

The Livery

Each livery submission must include sponsor logos from our partners Heusinkveld, Sim-Lab, MasitaEsports and the design should be based around our competition theme of the Peregrine Falcon.

Why a Peregrine Falcon? As the fastest animal on Earth, this majestic bird is capable of achieving speeds up to 389 km/h and is the embodiment of strategy, aerodynamics and speed – something we think is entirely fitting with the ethos of our esport racing activity.

As Heusinkveld is the primary backer of this series, the Heusinkveld logo should appear as the most prominent ‘title sponsor’ of all submitted livery designs and the Sim-Lab logo has to be used above the front window on the ORECA LMP 07 as a banner.

Logos and Resources

All the logos required for your livery design can be found on the following link: CLICK HERE

Participation Restrictions and Time Limits

This livery design competition is open worldwide to anyone over the age of 14 years old, and will run from 09:00am CET Tuesday 9 th November to 23:59pm CET Monday 29th November inclusive. The 10 nominated mod designs will be communicated on December 19th via the official Sim Formula Europe 2022 media activities.

The overall livery design winner will be announced on Sunday, January 23rd 2022.

Peregrine 2022 needs to be symbolized in drawing and/or in words within the livery – submissions may not use licensed photo’s illegally. Sim Formula Europe will select the winning 10 livery designs to be used within the Heusinkveld Peregrine Livery Competition presented by Sim Formula Europe, with the overall winning design and Heusinkveld winner to be announced following the conclusion of the Sim Formula Europe 2022 competition.

The Prize

Heusinkveld Peregrine Competition rFactor 2

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint are a perfect choice for both casual simracers as well as professional esports drivers. A strong, compact and highly adjustable design with custom electronics and powerful SmartControl software. Fully adjustable pedal geometry and force (120kg load cell with up to 65kg of actual force at the brake pedal plate), limitless configuration options in the software.

“The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car, it’s the one who refuses to lose.”

Every tenth of a second counts! If you’re looking for pedals that help you to be both quick and consistent, look no further. Years of experience and all new testing methods have been used during the development of this innovative top-of-the line simulator product: the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint.

Road to Sim Pedals Sprint: CLICK HERE

The Heusinkveld Peregrine Mod Competition is just one aspect of the upcoming Sim Formula Europe 2022 series of events and activities, and we can’t wait to announce further news about exciting additions to our hugely successful Sim Formula program. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal more from the 2022 event… and get designing – we can’t wait to see your submissions!

By submitting a livery, you grant the organizers (Sim Formula Europe and Heusinkveld) the perpetual right to use your livery for promotional and marketing purposes.

To find out more about Sim Formula Europe 2022 and the competition, visit for more information.

To purchase rFactor 2 visit: Studio-397 – Racing Simulation

About rFACTOR 2

rFactor 2 is a realistic, easily extendable racing simulation from Studio 397. It offers the latest in vehicle and race customization, great graphics, outstanding multiplayer and the height of racing realism. rFactor 2 features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics, perfect for top-level esports and a rich single-player experience.

Race against a field of AI cars, or in multi-player mode against others. rFactor 2 supports a full day-night cycle as well as dynamically varying weather conditions such as rain which dynamically builds into puddles. Tracks feature “real-road” technology that changes the grip as more cars drive on it. You can run full 24 hour endurance events and in multi-player mode, driver swaps are also supported. Everything can be customized by the community, including adding new tracks and cars, and a wealth of add-ons are available on-line.Working with several partners, rFactor 2 has been used in hundreds of esport championships all over the world – in particular McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer and Formula E.

rFactor 2 is also an evolving product, which will be updated and added to for many years, so the list of features will expand!


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