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Appreciating Forza Horizon 5 And Its Technical Advances

Appreciating Forza Horizon 5 And Its Technical Advances

Whilst Forza Horizon 5 is not a sim racing title, we do appreciate the technical advances the studio has pulled off in this visual masterpiece.

I know I know Forza Horizon 5 is not sim racing, but just stick with me for a minute. Firstly, racing a Lamborghini off road with road tyres and road suspension etc…I know it’s not simulation so put the flamethrower down.

However, we cannot ignore the technical advances that playground games have pulled off here. And I bet quite a few of you sim racers are Horizon players on your down time.

Now many who probably read this are big fans of Assetto Corsa and the modding world, So you know where I am going with this, SOL, CSP and more in Assetto Corsa have really raised the bar in capabilities of visual perfection and beyond.

Ignore the fact that in Forza Horizon 5 cars are parachuting into the vista like a Fornite game?  Ignore your shiny Pagani Zonda doing off road speeds of 120 mph on road tyres and just appreciate the visual context of Forza Horizon 5.

So with that out of the way, the direction of racing and sim racing titles really does captivate the visual immersions of racing. Graphically, Forza Horizon 5 is stunning, with great details of visuals and sound this game has raised the bar for the future.

Those that create mods in sim racing also need a lot of credit for the work and creations they make. I am sure from the graphical visuals and sound from Horizon 5 they can appreciate its creation.

So what are you waiting for, grab Forza Horizon 5 right now: Forza Horizon 5

Also Available on PC via Steam: Steam

About Playground Games

Playground Games was established in 2010, bringing together some of the most experienced and talented developers from the UK industry, with the vision to create genre-defining titles for a global audience. Since then, we’ve created four critically-acclaimed, award-winning hits; our Horizon games have garnered more than one hundred awards and have been played by many millions of fans.

Today, Playground has two world-class studios in Leamington Spa. In our original HQ, we continue to support and grow the huge, vibrant Horizon community. In our new studio on the other side of town, we are excited to be developing Fable, a new beginning for the legendary franchise.

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