oNiD Sim Racing Community League: The History & The Future

oNiD Racing community league is a great sim racing community that is growing in a positive way. Understanding the formulas that work is the key to success, here we see the history and what the future holds.

Our sim racing league partner oNiD Racing has a history that has mapped itself out to become a very good sim racing league. With growth and the right direction of what people enjoy, the history and future of this league are looking bright.

Jonny Ashley talks through the history of how oNiD came about and how it has evolved into the great community it is now.

The oNiD story

oNiD is a rapidly expanding, inclusive and versatile racing community that maintains the highest professional standards and norms of racing while placing special emphasis on friendship, camaraderie, good humor and assistance to rookies.

A very rare combination and a balancing act, since stringent rules of conduct on the track, have members calling for extreme prejudice against dive bombers in T1, a phenomenon that all of us experienced to our chagrin once too often, while the relaxed aspect calls for lenience and commiseration, but only once.

Strike two and you are out, but at least we will show you the door politely with a lot of affection in our hearts…The very name of the community, oNiD, speaks for the sense of humor and is an acronym of: “oh No, i Died”, a cry heard millions of times across the globe, bewildering stricken parents, rushing to the kid’s rooms where FPS games are being played.

That is what the Founding Fathers of oNiD – Jonny Ashley, Paul Clayton, Ben Brown and Dave Szalecki played as a successful clan until March 2020 when they launched the oNiD Gaming Clan.

Friday Night League – a friends’ league on Project Cars 2/Xbox for everyone to keep in touch during what is now known in modern history as The Lockdown. This ran through until early 2021 before making the change to oNiD Community Racing and the Xbox side of oNiD starts being managed by Simon Harris.

November 2020 – oNiD Racing Endurance team is born with Ben, Jonny and Dave creating the team after Jonny (finally) gets a PC. Our first official event was the RRT 4hrs of Barcelona in Jan 2021, when a steering wheel issue forces a DNF for Jonny and Ben ruining a chance for a very successful “coming out party”. Dave and Tam Hammill finished the race, their position being an unnecessary detail so we will leave it at that.

Picture credit: Ben oNID community

From 0 to 400 members in just six months

Feb 2021 – A decision is made to open oNiD Community with the idea to host a monthly race to give back to all the communities we have raced with. Thinking we would get around 50 members…. Initial Admin team – Jonny, Dave, Ben, Simon Harris and Derrick Stack.

April 2021 – oNiD makes contact with SimRacing.GP, a new upcoming league hosting platform. This goes live at the end of April with nearly 100 members already on board. With Adam Dee and Willy Black joining the team as Admins.

May 2021 – The first league is hosted on SGP with the ACC GT3 season being a great success with a field of 40 drivers split in Pro and AM. With Christian Kelly (Pro) and Chris Wilson (Am) taking the titles.

June 2021 – This brings the start of Willy’s and Adam’s first leagues in oNiD. Willy hosting the Tuesday night GT4 league and Adam hosting the AC leagues on a Monday. We also take on Tom Stocks into the admin fold. We also hit 250 members.

July 2021 – Brings the new GT3 series on a Sunday Night. Again, with some 40 participants. oNiDRacing.com also goes live to the public.

August 2021 – The new Gt4 Euro series begins with regular participants with both ACC leagues being streamed live on Twitch. We also hit 400 members.

AC leagues and RaceRoom leagues are regularly being held. The endurance teams keep racing and scoring wins in the RDC Enduro championship and surviving the ordeal in the SGP 12hrs Silverstone.

September 2021 – Paul returns to oNiD after a busy eTCR season as Admin for RaceRoom and is joined by Will McCone. Jimbo Mansi joins the Multiclass Season which kicks off on a Sunday (the beginnings of the SR247 relationship.)

October starts strong with our new media Partner SimRace247.com coming on board…. the future is bright

Jonny Ashley, Founder and community manager of oNiD Racing: “We are really pleased to be given the opportunity to partner with SIMRACE247, in what we believe will be a fantastic step forward for oNiD Community Racing.

We can’t wait to get started and look forward to letting the Sim Racing community know what we are all about”.

Jonny goes on to mention “The opportunities this opens up for us as a community is massive, we are an all-inclusive community from Rookies to Aliens, we cater to all. So this partnership will only strengthen the quality of field we have across all our Sim Racing Platforms”.

With the sense of easy, laid-back friendship that does not encroach the professional and serious attitude towards the racing in oNiD leagues, the assistance the veteran gamers provide the rookies from driving tips, rig maintenance to set-ups, Jonny is spot on – oNiD’s future is bright!

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