Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #35

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #35

Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs here at simrace247.com. Yvonne Houffelaar brings us up to speed with blog #35.

Women In Sim Racing continues with our weekly blogs and Yvonne Houffelaar keeps us posted on her sim racing events and more.

Welcome to my thirty fifth weekly blog!!

The Sim Grid More Female Racers
On Monday 25-10-2021, was round 2 of The Sim Grid More Female Racers (MFR) at Spa Franco champs. I drive season 4 of the MFR with Giorgio Simonini.

Unfortunately, I had no time to practice and I knew it’s going to be a difficult race because I was very exhausted from moving my stuff out of the house. If I drive with Bernadette (the Bentley), I will be fine, especially at Spa.

The Ferrari is a very difficult car for me, with the pedal input. I need to do a lot of laps, to get a good qualifying, or race pace. I qualified P7, my time was already a second better than in the official practice, but I drove my fastest laps invalid.

I started the race behind Alethea Boucq (Theamusante), I tried to pass her, but that didn’t work, and I wanted to be careful because she is one of my teammates.

My problem was also high ping, and I saw cars moving around more than normal, which makes it very difficult. We pitted early, and Giorgio drove very fast as usual! We made up 3 places, and we were in P4. When he was coming into the pitlane, he hit the wall, and we had 4 seconds of damage. We did the repair because we didn’t know how the car would react to the damage.

When I did my out lap, Sophie Aeronwen was coming out of the pits, and right in front of me. She let me pass in the beginning as I was a little bit quicker, but after a few laps, Sophie was quicker. We are not driving in the same class, when she was a few tenths quicker than me, I give the position back to her. She deserved P4 in the race! Unfortunately in the last lap, she lost the Ferrari in Eu Rouge… I could avoid her, but it was very close!!

We ended at P4, it’s a solid result. We lost a lot because of my bad qualifying, and the first stint. Otherwise, we could have got a spot on the podium… Luckily, we are now 3rd in the championship!! I couldn’t stream the race, because of the bad internet, but I recorded it, and upload it on YouTube.


HGR Casual Thursday
Hacking Goes Racing, is a discord server with a lot of ladies from the More Female Racers and Diamond Drive Cup, we are always driving the Casual Thursdays or Tuesdays. This Thursday 28-10-2021, it was time for 45 minutes at the Mountain.

I’m staying at Sophie’s till next week, which means I have no rig here. Sophie and I always drive the Casual Thursdays, if we have no other races. We asked for a mandatory pitstop, with tyre change, so we can do a pitstop and a real life driver swap.

Sophie drove the pole position, and got a good gap in the first stint, I only had to drive it home in the last stint. It is very difficult for me to not drive in my own rig, especially in the mountain, because of the pedals. I drove 3 seconds slower than normal, but it was good enough for the win!!

It was a lot of fun, we record the race, and you can watch it back on YouTube if you want, next week there is another Casual Thursdays race!


Pro League Racing; Team Championship Round 2
On Sunday 31-10-2021, is the Pro League Racing Team Championship Round 2, at Zolder. I still don’t have my rig, but I asked Sarah Johnson to use her rig for this evening.
I drive this team championship together with Sophie Aeronwen.

We are driving with Bernadette (the Bentley). Round 1 we finished P4, hopefully, we can finish on the podium this race. Bernadette is very good at Zolder, especially in the little chicane, you can fly over it, and it will not unsettle the car. I will stream my race live at Sarah’s, and also Sophie is going to stream the race.

Upcoming races:

31-10-2021: Pro League Racing Team Championship Round 2; 2H @ Zolder

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