Red Bull Strikes Back F1 Pro Esports Championship


Red Bull Strikes Back F1 Pro Esports Championship

If there was ever a moment where teams in the F1 Pro Esports Championship needed to knuckle down, Red Bull Racing Esports team came out fighting.

Rounds 4 & 5 of the F1 Pro Esports Championship flashed by on 27/10/21 and Red Bull Racing Esports team rolled their sleeves up and would not take no for an answer.

I do not know what was said to the Red Bull drivers, but someone, somewhere within the team or management at Red Bull Racing Esports team needs a big shoutout and standing ovation.

Red Bull Racing are renowned for being winners and relentlessly being hard chargers in the sim racing world and motorsport. When you represent a team like Red Bull, expectations are high and boy did they deliver.

Rounds 4 and 5 visited Silverstone and Monza for a double header that had no time for feelings, patience and questions. This was right into the deep end, revs are up and prove why you are in the top flight of Formula 1 sim racing.

Silverstone results:

Monza Results:

Championship standings

Jarno Opmeer on 83 points retains his championship lead, a four point advantage over Lucas Blakeley on 79 points. With the first wins for Rasmussen (53 points) and Kiefer (50 points) this launched them up in the standings, and Boroumand (51 points) sat in between.

In the manufactures/team standings Mercedes sits on 122 points and holds a lead over Red Bull with 103 points in the team standings. Aston Martin drops to third with 87 points, and Alpine Esports is in fourth with 63.

For the full replay of both races, interviews and more you can catch up right here with the official F1 stream.

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