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Classic IndyCar Series iRacing Indy 500 Bump Day Report

Classic IndyCar Series iRacing Indy 500 Bump Day Report

Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing had their Bump day Indy 500. Here we see the full report, results, and all the action on the track.

The Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing recently had its bump day for the indy 500. Defending series champion Lucas Laville has all the details and full report.

Bump Day for the 2021 Classic IndyCar Series happened on Sunday October 24th. 11 cars took the track for the last part of qualifying for the season finale. Some favorites from race day still had to make the cut to get in the race, led by newcomer for the established Aero-X team Mike Grandy, series rookie but iRacing IndyCar veteran Adam Blocker, and 2-time CIS Indy 500 winner Tristan Hauser.

These 3 didn’t join the Pole Day action, and their outright speed was sufficient for them to qualify in the race easily. Hannes Pitkänen, antoher series veteran, managed to get in the field with the very first run of the 2-hour session.

Most of the day’s action was focused around the bubble to make the field. The 6 drivers fighting for most of the session for the last 3 spots on row 11 were rookies Paul Velasco, Gavin Hibbs, teammates Sébastien Kinder and Bart Feuerstein, along with series veterans Stefan Rossmann and Stefan Schlacher.

Velasco was the first one to throw the towel, after his apparent lack of speed ealry in the session kept him on the outside looking in by a healthy margin. One driver from the other 5 was then going to stay out of the sunday action.

After all taking multiple attempts early and mid session, Schlacher and Rossmann looked to be struggling the most, while Hibbs managed to get a decend run in with 30 minutes to go that would put him safely in, ultimately qualifying 29th.

For the other 4 competitors, their best time came from their last runs, at the very end of the session, thanks to the fastest track conditions all league runners have seen so far during the practice and qualifying weeks.

With 15 minutes to go, Feuerstein completed a run putting him way clear of the competition, putting pressure on the remaining 3. Behind him Schlacher was beaten by more than a tenth of a second on average, and with very little time left, he had to hope that one of the 2 last drivers able to go out there hit some issues for him to get in the race.

However, Rossmann and then Kinder, who was already safely in, beat the Austrian’s time quite convincingly, putting the #89 tenth of the 11 runners of the day, and 34th overall in qualifying, first of the DNQ entries.

The 200 lap race promises to be full of action. Lots of fast cars and drivers start at both ends of the 33 car field. The championship battle will be at the center of the days attention, along with the fight for the biggest race of the year. Chin and Laville can both get the crown with a race win, and control their destiny the most.

Agan, who is starting from the last third of the field, will have to win the race and hopes the other two do not finish directly behind him to get the title. With Vortex winning the last 3 editions of the race, Laville seems to be on the front end and will have all the pressure in the world on his shoulders to defend his title.

Chin, who could be considered as the most complete active driver in the series must not be counted out, however, as his 4 wins are leading the league for the season. Agan has a strong team with lots of hard working oval specialists, and even though he needs help and also to come from the back, he could surprise the field, and take the title on his first full season.

Race will start on October 31st at 18:00 GMT, live on Racespot TV :

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