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Van Loozenoord Wins Hockenheim Force Dynamics iRacing GP

Van Loozenoord Wins Hockenheim Force Dynamics iRacing GP

Maarten van Loozenoord continues his epic racing career in the iRacing Force Dynamics Dallara GP at Hockenheimring.

The iRacing Force Dynamics Dallara GP produced another fine race at Hockeheimring recently, with Van Loozenoord continuing his fine run and regaining the championship lead.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: R8G Esports’ Maarten van Loozenoord took top honors in Thursday’s Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship event, this time from the Hockenheimring in Germany.

It was van Loozenoord’s third win in as many weeks and fourth overall, and completed a comeback to the top spot in the championship standings after losing the lead with a finish outside of the points in Interlagos.

Not only did van Loozenoord take the victory, he also posted the largest margin of victory of the season by a wide margin. While packs crossed the line together in the first four races, and his two-second victory last week at Silverstone looked to be the outlier, optimal tire strategy helped him to extend his lead to more than 10 seconds at race’s end.

In truth, it wasn’t just about tires, though; nearly every other front-runner had at least one moment or decision that negatively affected their race. R8G’s Florian Lebigre and Valentin Mandernach locked out the front row on medium tires, meaning they’d fade on pace after just a handful of laps.

Incoming points leader Peter Berryman of Apex Racing Team lost his front wing after contact with teammate Ben Fuller leaving the first turn; both would spend much of the day having to fight back from the issue. Fellow Apex driver Yohann Harth faced a qualifying ban and would need to fight from the 24th spot on the grid, although he would masterfully claw his way up to second place.

If that all wasn’t enough, the battle for second provided one more heart-stopping moment on the final lap. Harth, Mandernach, and Przemyslaw Lemanek were locked in a tense battle for the position, and briefly went three wide. Unfortunately, contact between the group sent the latter two off track and out of the top 10 entirely, handing the final podium spot back to Fuller in the most roundabout of ways.

Still, it wasn’t enough to hold off van Loozenoord’s fourth win in seven tries in the standings, as he now leads Harth by seven points and Berryman by eight.

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship results from the Hockenheimring were as follows:










1369Maarten van Loozenoord53431:05.53325
22490Yohann Harth53-12.64401:05.55321
3455Ben Fuller53-16.22701:05.64718
41209Andreas J Henkel53-26.67801:05.73515
589Tamas Simon53-32.93001:05.83312
6148David Toth53-33.96601:05.85710
71986James J Pinsker53-39.15401:05.9469
8550Peter Berryman53-47.19701:05.6428
9666Michele Costantini53-50.90511:05.6567
10102Florian Lebigre53-54.05691:05.5756
11246Valentin Mandernach52-1 L01:05.4736
12711Przemyslaw Marek Lemanek52-1 L01:05.5324
13998Matteo Ugolotti52-1 L01:05.6763
14166Jarl Teien52-1 L01:05.8642
152077Cédric BYLL52-1 L01:06.5471
161325José I. Soria52-1 L01:06.0300
17257Gio Cortese51-2 L01:06.1550
181832Jorge Marquinez50-3 L01:05.9070
191128Sam Kuitert26-27 L01:05.8710
20175Omar Baha26-27 L01:06.1090
212194Kane Halliburton19-34 L01:06.2380
221543Brian Lockwood19-34 L01:06.0120
232323Marcos Núñez12-41 L01:06.2200
242221Alejandro del Campo11-42 L01:06.4240
251016Peter Zuba8-45 L01:05.7400

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship points through six rounds are as follows:

  1. Maarten van Loozenoord, 115
  2. Yohann Harth, 108
  3. Peter Berryman, 107
  4. Ben Fuller, 82
  5. Michele Costantini, 75
  6. Tamas Simon, 53
  7. David Toth, 41
  8. Valentin Mandernach, 36
  9. Matteo Ugolotti, 35
  10. Jarl Teien, 33

The Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship season continues next Thursday at Road America. Coverage begins at 3PM ET/19:00 GMT on and across iRacing social media channels. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit

Images via Justin Melillo


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