IRG World Formula 2021 rFactor 2 COTA 24/10/21

IRG World Formula 2021 continues in rFactor 2. This great racing league provides pure racing action. Tune in or join the next event at COTA on 24/10/21.

IRG World continues with their Formula 2021 race car for the American GP at COTA in rFactor 2. Tune in live for the event this weekend via the MotoGamesTV links provided.

Be sure to check the times for full session details and the race below. As usual, IRG World likes to give a build up to their racing event with championship standings, track history and more.

Race of COTA – IRG Advance Formula 2021.

The IRG Advance Formula 2021 series is not slowing down, the dust from the “big race” in Japan at the Suzuka Circuit has not settled yet, and wild mustangs are lurking around the corner.

The next round of IRG series will be played and raced at Circuit of the Americas located near Austin, Texas city.

The COTA track is 5,513 km long and one of the younger racing facilities in the F1 series calendar. It was created in 2012 and was designed by none other than the famous Hermann Tilke, with the difference that the originator of the thread was Tavo Hellmund (a former driver with family traditions in promoting motorsport events in the US).

The creators drew inspiration from such classics as Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Interlagos, or Istanbul Park.

From the starting line, drivers climb over 11% of the climb to the first corner and the highest point on the track with the top at the top of a 30-meter hill (altogether, the level differences on this track reach almost 44 meters).

After passing a tight 90-degree left corner, the riders slide downhill at full speed to fall into a series of high-speed curves modeled on the pitting. complex: Maggotts-Becketts-Chapel straight from the Silverstone circuit.

Then, driving through the blind turn No. 10, the drivers reach the left turn No. 11, after which they are on the one kilometer straight with the DRS zone – this is the best place to overtake the slower opponent.

The end of the long straight heralds the beginning of the most technical and challenging part of the track, which begins with a series of slow corners similar to the stadium section, similar to the German Hockenheimring.

Then the contestants (like Alice) go to the other side of the mirror and encounter an inverted copy of the famous turn 8 from the turn. Istanbul Park. Finally, a pair of left turns 19 and 20 steers the cars back onto the S / M straight.

A characteristic feature of the Texas facility is the highest elevations of the area throughout the season, i.e. in our way, the differences in level between the lowest and highest points on the track mount to 44 meters.

IRG World Formula 2021 rFactor 2

Due to the periodic downpours and the properties of the clay contained in the substrate, as well as the poor quality of the structural stabilization layers made – the ground is quite mobile and the current values ​​slightly differ from those in the project (e.g. the first turn since its debut has already decreased by a few meters).

The track surface itself also leaves a lot to be desired – two-wheelers are particularly complaining about the unusual unevenness here.

The key places on the track are:

  •  “blind” turn 10 – drivers usually drive it at full speed, often taking wide trips through a high grater to the shoulder, which often results in time loss (or in extreme cases damage to the suspension);
  •  technical combination of turns 13 – 15 – traction and good mechanical grip are useful here. You can waste a lot of time with a badly balanced car (or with worn tires).
  • As you can see the am loop. the track is fast and demanding – blind turns, sometimes inclined opposite to the direction of travel, increase the level of difficulty, at the same time giving the joy of smooth driving.
  • A few strong braking stops and long DRS zones offer good opportunities for successful overtaking maneuvers.

Soon, at the Texas rodeo, the riders of our sim racing series IRG Advance Formula 2021 will present themselves, who showed a good show at the previous round on the Japanese track Suzuka.

Like the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, there was an earthquake at the very beginning, and then the tension grew. The curious ones can be seen to repeat the broadcast on MotoGamesTv.

In the general classification, after 14 rounds in the lead, dominator Paweł Mrówka, ahead of Wojciech Klimek, and another change in third place – this time Bartosz Różycki jumps to the lowest step of the podium.

IRG World Formula 2021 rFactor 2

As a team, leading the Infinity Racing Team in front of DS Speed ​​SimRacing Team and Old Bones. Full classifications are available Here

Current stats:

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GP in numbers:

  • Track: Circuit of The Americas
  • Loop length: 5513 m
  • Race Distance: FL + 56 Laps
  • Number of turns: 20 (11 left, 9 right)
  • Number of brakes: 6 (3 strong)
  • Longest Straight: 1.089 km
  • Highest point on the track: T1
  • Level difference: 30.9 / 44 m
  • Length of the pit lane: 413 m (average 367 m in the season)
  • Time spent in the pit lane: approx. 23.5 seconds
  • Top speed: ~ 330 km / h
  • Average speed: ~ 195 km / h
  • Full throttle: approx. 62% of the lap (average high season approx. 65%)
  • The greatest overload: area 5 G
  • Pressure level: medium
  • Tire wear: high
  • Brake wear: high
  • Cooling level: medium
  • Fuel consumption: ~ 1.96 kg / year (average season 1.86 kg / year)
  • Fuel load effect: ~ 0.24 s / 10 kg (average in the season 0.28 s / 10 kg)
  • Estimated number of pit stops: 1/2
  • Gear Shift: Wed. 58 / round
  • Number of leads: 27 (2018)
  • Probability of Precipitation: approx. 44%
  • VSC probability: approx. 70%

More data and characteristics of F1 tracks: Can be found here

Race Weekend:


  • Sunday – UTC + 1 time of the schedule (18:50 in Warsaw, Berlin)
  • 17:50 Practice session
  • 18:50 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
  • 19:05 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
  • 19:15 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
  • 19:20 (19:25) Official race
  • 21:00 Weekend finish
  • UTC + 1 time of the schedule