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Sim Racing Guides Episode 7: Perfecting The Overtake

In sim racing, we like to see useful, tips, guides, events and much more for the community to check out. Episode 7 shows the best ways to overtake.

Sim racing is fun, competitive, and in part an art form, here we see a great guide on how to perfect the overtake. For some, it may be a case of mashing the throttle and blast past, to some degree, yes.

But there is more to it than that, positioning, strategy and understanding the car you are going to pass and its behaviors are just a few things that come into play. Get it wrong and a trip to the gravel trap or wall will be coming your way.

In this video by Scott Burkhart, he goes into details of how to be better at overtaking and ensuring you and your opponents stay on track and battle it out for the victory.

Scott goes on to mention “In this episode of the sim racing guide I’ll be teaching you how to overtake other cars. Overtaking in sim racing can be very exciting! But you need to know how to do it if you want to get good at it.

That’s why today we’ll be reviewing all different ways to overtake, which ones to prioritise, and the benefits of studying your competitors’ racing line.

sim racing guides overtake
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