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Lionheart IndyCar Series iRacing Mosport Race Report

The Lionheart IndyCar Series in iRacing is the place to be for fans of IndyCar and more. Big names, great sponsors and more.

The Lionheart IndyCar Series in iRacing is the place to be if you love IndyCar, Mosport was another race that produced fine racing. As always this league always has something up its sleeve and in reserve. Just when you think Lionheart is giving its all, the turbo kicks in and goes up another level.

Here we have our race report by Justin Prince

Kraus dominates, wins career first LIS race at CTMP

After finishing inside the top five in three of his first four Lionheart IndyCar Series Presented by ButtKicker starts, Philip Kraus has won at iRacing’s virtual Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

The PRIVATE LABEL Team Hype Black driver dominated the Patrick Taylor Memorial Grand Prix of Mosport Presented by Clipping That Apex on Oct 6th by leading 45 of the 51 laps.

Joshua Chin, Adam Blocker, Connor Harrington and Aaron Morgan completed the top five.

“It feels nice (to win),” said Kraus from HyperX Victory Lane. “To finally get to the top step of the podium is always nice. I knew the potential was always there. I just had to execute the whole way.”

Kraus recorded his first career LIS pole to begin the night. He out-qualified Chin and Harrington and quickly pulled away by almost a full second on the opening lap.

Historically, the race has been known to have a very limited amount of passes for the lead. Entering the race, the only lead changes for all four past events had been during pit stops.

Unfortunately, that trend continued, but with a twist. For the first time in event history, there were six lead changes. As well, nine of the top 10 finishers started the race up at the front.

Behind the leaders, there were some moments of chaos.

On the opening lap, George Sandman’s night ended early after being hit heading into Clayton Corner. Scott Holmes drove to the left side of Sandman entering the corner for 23rd position.

That decision led to Holmes hitting Sandman in the left-rear tire, launching him into the grass. Sandman slid across the grass all the way to the tire barrier, destroying his car. As a result of the crash, Sandman did not complete a single lap at Mosport.

Moments later, Holmes was involved in contact again. In Moss Corner, Holmes was clipped by Matt Huston in the right rear tire, spinning him out. Holmes quickly locked up his tires.

As he rolled backwards into the outside grass, Henry Bennett also slammed on their brakes, sending him sliding into the path of Holmes’s car. As Holmes slid into the wall, Bennett cranked his wheel to the right, narrowly avoiding him.

On Lap 20, the attrition continued.

After completing his first of two pit stops, Ascari Autosport driver Barrett Rolph crashed through Moss Corner. Rolph had carried too much speed entering the turn, causing him to lock up his brakes. The lock-up carried him into the grass, sliding him into the wall and immediately destroying his suspension.

A few laps later, Alexis Newsome added her name to the list of DNFs.

As the Factory Backed driver got back into the throttle coming out of Moss Corner, she immediately spun the tires. That caused her to veer into the right-side wall, damaging her steering on impact.

Then, after keeping her car on the track, she went wide through the apex of Clayton Corner, clipping the grass. She then slid sideways across the track before sliding into the inside wall, destroying her left sidepod. She then decided to tow her Dallara IR18 in the grass next to Quebec Corner.

Overall, 26 of the 32 starters took the checkered flag in Canada.

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