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Women In Sim Racing Yvonne van den berg weekly Blog #33

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne van den berg weekly Blog #33Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs here at Yvonne Van Den Berg brings us up to speed with blog #33 and her sim racing events and more.

Women in sim racing continues with all the events and races from Yvonne Van den Berg and her weekly blogs. Yvonne has been competing in many racing events week in, week out.

Welcome to my thirty third weekly blog !!

The Sim Grid Endurance Cup

On Saturday 09-10-2021, was the first round of, The Sim Grid Endurance Cup Season 4, at Spa Francorchamps.

I drive together with Aléthéa Boucq and Mark Lewis, in split 2. We knew we had a decent pace for split 2, and let the fastest qualify for the race, Mark Lewis. Mark qualified in P18, the qualifying was very close, 1 second between the pole position and P35.

After a good first lap, and some good overtakes. The trouble started in the second lap, Mark got hit 9 times, and we had a repair for 4 minutes and 50 seconds.


He couldn’t avoid it anymore, then the only thing Aléthéa and I could do was laugh, we could swear a lot, but we both were streaming, and we try not to swear on stream.

So instead of swearing, we were laughing.. Also, we knew a chance for a good result it’s over, it was a 6 hours race, but in split 2 with many laps behind, it’s not possible to get in the top 20.

After the pitstop, we changed the strategy, and when Mark was out on track again, we were in place 45, after a good race we could gain some places, and we ended up P33.

The Sim Grid More Female Racers

On Monday 11-10-2021, was the first round of The Sim Grid More Female Racers (MFR), at Monza. The MFR is for season 4 also a spec series, this time not with the Lamborghini Huracan ST, but the Ferrari 488 EVO (or non EVO).

The Ferrari is for me a struggle because I must be very good with the throttle and brake. Unfortunately, I don’t feel my feet, and I also cannot feel what I’m doing with my pedals.

When I’m driving with the Ferrari, I need to turn my Fanatec DD2 base higher, to feel every detail of what the car is doing on the track.


In that way, I can feel when I need to turn the car without looking at my screen. I use my upper screen to see what I’m doing with my pedals. The Ferrari is not forgivable with the pedal input, and luckily I found this way to drive the car.

It is a lot of work, to make it happen on a track, and also to drive fast. I drive this season together with Giorgio Simonini. I qualified P5, and I knew my pace was good, and Giorgio is very good as always.

I had a very good start, and was second, till Ascari came and unfortunately I lost the car. Luckily I didn’t hit anyone, and I could go further on P13. After some nice overtakes, and a very fast stint from Giorgio, we were on P4.

I tried to catch up with P3, but that wasn’t in it anymore. P4 is a good result, but there was definitely more in it. Hopefully, the next round is not a mistake like this. The second round of the MFR is at Spa Francorchamps, on Monday 25-10-2021. The other girls drove very good.

Amazing performance

GTWR R8G Female Racing #1, Sara Dove and Andrea Capoccia won the race!! GTWR R8G Female Racing #2, Sophie Aeronwen and Matt Muirhead, P1 in Silver class and P5 overall!!

GTWR R8G Female Racing #5, Laura Valenza and Andrea Benedetti, P3 in Silver class and P7 overall!! It was a very good team result, I’m very proud of the ladies, they put a lot of afford in it and work hard to drive this pace!! I hope we can keep it up, and get this kind of results also at Spa.

Upcoming races:

18-10-2021: Pro League Racing; World Tour Round 6 @ Zandvoort


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