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The PitCrew Joins League Partner Program At

the pitcrew

The PitCrew partners with bringing another great sim racing league to the forefront of the community.

We know great sim racing leagues are out there, places that are well organized, commentated on and fair stewarding, welcoming The Pitcrew to the League partner program here at

A 2000 strong discord community that is well drilled and organized by CEO and founder Terry Farish and his team.

We at strongly believe that those in the sim racing community need to know about great leagues and places to check out, but it does not stop there. Featuring race reports and race build ups when required is spearheading the charge for those in the community.

To find out more about The PitCrew visit:

  • Website: ThePitCrew – Sim Racing Leagues, Events And Community
  • Discord: ThePitCrew – Sim Racing Community (

About The PitCrew

The PitCrew aims to provide a race for everyone no matter your skill, from championships and endurances with matching based on their PitSkill ranking system.

This ensures that the splits are closely matched on driver ability with live-streaming and live-stewarding for every championship; to one-off special “FUNdurances” where you can get out on track solo, or as part of a team, in your first foray into the “endurance” world of racing online!’s primary aim is to provide you with close, clean, semi-competitive racing!

the pitcrew

Our Mission Statement?

We aim to provide close, clean, semi-competitive racing to drivers of all skill levels.

How Do We Achieve This?

We strive to develop new systems, provide new solutions and listen to the feedback from our community to help us to continue to develop and integrate with partnered platforms to ensure that we deliver the very best to our drivers.

With an exclusive driver rating system which we are continually developing and updating, we aim to continually integrate new functionality to improve the classification systems of our drivers, allowing us to ensure no matter where you are on the grid, you know you’re going to be fighting with people who are looking for fantastic racing just as you are.

What Does “Semi-Competitive” Mean?

Semi-competitive means that even though all skill levels of drivers can sign up, we aim to match you with drivers of your skill level, we also expect drivers who sign up to our championships to be able to attend a set percentage of the races, which is communicated at the time of signup.

This allows us to ensure that grids are maintained in size and you’ll always have someone to race on track, we also aim to live steward and stream as many championship splits as possible by our staffing limits.

Check them out today, sign up and join The PitCrew in the growing partners with, supporting great leagues that the community needs to know about!


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