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Force Dynamics Dallara GP iRacing First Career Win At Interlagos

Force Dynamics Dallara GP iRacing First Career Win At Interlagos

The iRacing Force Dynamics Dallara GP series recently visited Interlagos. Producing a first career win, this achievement will never be forgotten.

Recently the iRacing Force Dynamics Dallara GP series recently visited Interlagos and was a race that will live long in the memory for Peter Berryman. For this was his first career win that will live long in the memory.

It was a day to remember for Peter Berryman on Thursday, as the Apex Racing Team driver scored the first iRacing pro-level victory of his sim racing career in the Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship round from Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Brazil.

Berryman led 21 of 51 laps on the fast but challenging Interlagos circuit, including the final 10, and now holds the points lead on a tiebreaker with fellow Apex racer Yohann Harth.

R8G Esports’ Maarten van Loozenoord, winner of the opening round at Watkins Glen, was the top qualifier, but Berryman and Spa winner Michele Costantini would find their way past on Lap 2 and spend most of the race in those positions aside from pit stops.

Things were less pleasant for van Loozenoord, who took contact from behind and suffered a speeding penalty in the pits. He would fight his way back to 16th place at the race’s end, finishing out of the points as a result.

Instead, the largest challenge to the Apex trio of Berryman, Costantini, and Harth would be Matteo Ugolotti, who gambled in the late stages of the race by taking medium tires in hopes of grabbing the lead.

The aggressive call saw him climb as high as second, but at race’s end, he would settle into 10th place, the same position where he started.

While Tamas Simon, Valentin Mandernach, and Przemyslaw Marek Lemanek would each spend a handful of laps up front, Berryman would regain the top spot on Lap 42, his teammates in tow.

While last-lap passes defined the first two race finishes of the year, it wasn’t meant to be this time around, as Berryman would score the checkered flag by .387 seconds. Costantini would hang on for second as Harth attempted a move on the front stretch across the finish line.

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship results from Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace were as follows:










1350Peter Berryman51211:08.54325
2266Michele Costantini51-0.387121:08.52021
3690Yohann Harth51-0.45901:08.52118
4846Valentin Mandernach51-8.89951:08.76515
5711Przemyslaw Marek Lemanek51-10.37891:08.71612
659Tamas Simon51-12.30031:08.79510
7455Ben Fuller351-13.86101:08.48110
81128Sam Kuitert51-14.51401:08.6648
9912Marcus Jensen51-15.41601:09.0877
101098Matteo Ugolotti51-15.71601:08.5606
11156Jarl Teien51-26.70301:08.8245
12258David Toth51-28.94201:09.1504
13262Florian Lebigre251-30.27501:09.3093
141786James J Pinsker51-38.37401:09.5612
15149Andreas J Henkel51-41.78101:09.2611
16169Maarten van Loozenoord51-45.85011:08.6090
171825José I. Soria51-52.60501:09.1050
182132Jorge Marquinez51-55.41001:09.7860
19167Gio Cortese51-1:01.23601:09.1900
202221Alejandro del Campo50-1 L01:09.5430
21235Omar Baha50-1 L01:10.0410
221343Brian Lockwood45-6 L01:08.8190
232016Peter Zuba22-29 L01:09.6680
241294Kane Halliburton15-36 L01:09.3880
251923Marcos Núñez13-38 L01:10.1910
262477Cédric BYLL1-50 L00

Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship points through three rounds are as follows:

  1. Peter Berryman, 57
  2. Yohann Harth, 57
  3. Michele Costantini, 47
  4. Maarten van Loozenoord, 40
  5. Ben Fuller, 34
  6. Valentin Mandernach, 30
  7. Tamas Simon, 22
  8. Sam Kuitert, 20
  9. David Toth, 20
  10. Marcus Jensen, 17

The Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship season continues next Wednesday at Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Coverage begins at 3PM ET/19:00 GMT on and across iRacing social media channels. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit

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