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Exclusive Free Acura ARXO5 DPI IMSA Mod WIP rFactor 2


The Acura ARXO5 DPI IMSA is a high level Mod that is WIP for rFactor 2. We have an exclusive from Nick at Advanced Simulation.

Behold the creation of one of the finest mod creations out there, the Acura ARX05 DPI IMSA for rFactor 2 by Advanced Simulation. This WIP mod will be coming in the near future and will send shockwaves through the sim racing community.

The design of this car alone is very unique that kept the team motivated for its creation. The quality 3d model and physics of these vehicles have made these cars very popular in the sim racing world and leagues.

As you would expect with work created by Advance Simulation the standard and quality of the creation is very high. More details have come about that the livery package will consist of the 2017-2021 IMSA IWSC seasons.

Inside information has informed us that a possible beta of the car will be available for patrons in November which gives the impression the car is well into its creative stages and release will be not too far away.

As for the BOP compared to other cars such as the S397 Cadillac DPI that is unknown, however, the competition for both cars should be neutral allowing good and fair racing.

As with previous testing and creations, Advanced simulation has had some great test drivers for their cars and would also welcome a real racing driver to work with helping future development.

Recently we have seen the release of the Bykolles LMP1 racecar from Advanced simulation, this was at the highest level of creation and design and the standard that we will see from the creative studio moving forward.

Speaking with Nick from Advanced Simulation he said ” I am very happy to be creating this fantastic and beautiful car for rfactor 2 with my team at Advanced Simulation, and stating that the car will be released for free in the Steam Workshop ”

Advanced Simulation



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