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All About The Fanatec CSL DD Part One

Back in April 2021 Fanatec made a post about something new coming to the Fanatec range, this was the beginning for the public to know about the CSL DD.

Now for some in the sim racing community, a post on April 1st is usually a humorous joke or banter, Fanatec was not bluffing about the CSL DD. This was totally true and shook the whole game up for what the future holds in sim racing.

It is something that will be remembered for a long time, and opened the eyes of many in the community and businesses alike. In this video, we see an in depth talk through of the Fanatec CSL DD.

Fanatec filming studio goes on to mention “In this video, we explain the benefits of the move to direct drive, and summarise the usability of the CSL DD and why it is a perfect starter wheel base”.

The rise and birth of the Fanatec CSL DD on April 1st:

“Millions of you asked for this product and we listened! A direct-drive wheelbase with near-Podium performance at the price of an entry level wheelbase!

We gave this almost impossible task to our brilliant engineers and their solution was ingenious: cut our DD1 in half! Everything will be smaller, even the gift box and the driver software.

And while we were at it, we even integrated the super-innovative FluxBarrier™ technology. I can’t really explain what it does but it is sensationally good… as if it came straight from the future.

Of course, we needed to save weight to reduce the shipping costs so we made the internals from carbon fibre, another innovation for sim racing and indeed electric motors in general.


Yes, it’s real. We had some fun for April Fools, but we have indeed developed an all-new direct-drive wheelbase for €349.95. Bringing this advanced technology to the CSL Series took a little more effort than cutting a Podium base in half, that’s for sure.

This is nothing other than a complete game changer. There is little doubt that Direct Drive wheels are far superior to any belt or gear-driven wheels out there. We wanted to make this new technology available for the mass market without taking any shortcuts in quality or performance.

A key factor is the brand-new, 100% custom motor. It was developed in Germany specifically for sim racing, with patented FluxBarrier™ technology achieving remarkable efficiency for its size. The force feedback detail and performance is unlike anything else close to this price point.


Up to 8 Nm peak torque.

With the standard power supply, peak torque is 5 Nm, this is almost the level of a CSL Elite Wheel Base. But there is also the Boost Kit 180, an optional larger power supply unlocking the full 8 Nm.

The CSL DD uses an improved, automotive-grade, all-aluminium quick release. This component is user-exchangeable, ready for the transition to the all-new QR2 system (coming soon).  And of course, we are working on more DDs, including PS5 licensed DDs, as well.

The result is our brand new DD 0.5, available for €/$ 349.95!

To view more Fanatec products visit: Fanatec

After going public in 2006 the company was restructured and newly aligned. The Fanatec® brand is since fully focused on markets for virtual racing (SimRacing) and now offer a wide variety of products for this market segment like steering wheels, high quality pedals, shifters, cockpits and much more. All of these products are available in Europe, North America, and since 2012 also in Australia and Japan. Since the combination of advanced technology, features and quality is the basis for Endor’s past success, it will continue to define it in the future years as well.

The new Range of CSL Pedals are also worth checking out New Fanatec CSL Pedals Clutch and Load Cell kit 


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