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Formula 1 top races to learn about: some basic details and talk

Formula 1 top races to learn about: some basic details and talk

The info given here is going to be connected with the F1 races that blew the audience’s mind most of all. You can place bets on this kind of sport (just as like you can take advantage of the horse betting apps if you like this kind of stuff). So, let’s begin then!

Everything provided here is not in the sequence of importance, we just list the events that can be considered the brightest ones.

Monaco Grand Prix 1996, Street Circuit

This race was especially memorable because it was rainy on that day. Due to this, just three riders have managed to finish it which is absolutely unbelievable for Formula 1 racing. This is really the event that stands out in this kind of sport.

The number of drivers shifted from 21 to 13 due to multiple problems. Plenty of famous riders like Schumacher, Mika Salo, Katayama – all of them experienced great troubles within this race.

Olivier Panis became the winner that time. Then, there were David Coulthard and Johnny Herbert. Despite all the incidents here, it was absolutely amazing to watch this.

Interlagos, 2012 Grand Prix in Brazil

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel were the main characters to look at here. There were some great moments for both the participants along with such major problems as damage to the left sidepod from the side of Vettel.

It turned out to be the way that Jenson Button won the race, and Alonso took the second position there. Vettel finished only sixth.

European Grand Prix in 1999, Nürburgring

The best words that can characterize this race are as follows: mistakes, crashes, errors linked to pit stops. However, again, it was a lot of fun to watch all of this. The main battle was revolving around such participants as Eddie Irvin, Heinz-Herald Frentzen, and Mika Häkkinen. So, if you really want to watch something astonishing and get surprised, stick to this one.

Belgian Grand Prix 1998, Spa-Francorchamps

One of the aspects that have to be mentioned immediately from the very beginning is as follows: David Coulthard lost control of his car and speared into the barriers. This led to taking out 13 other drivers. The race had to be stopped and it was started all over only in an hour. Can you imagine this?

However, this is not it. After the race was started all over, some other problems occurred. If you are intrigued, just watch the whole piece of it!

Italian Grand Prix in 1971, Monza

This one is famous for a rather curious finish where the best five finished within 6 tenths of a second. Moreover, as for the top four, they ended within 6 tenths of a second. Isn’t it crazy?

The whole battle could not be characterized as coming to the final lap because it lasted till the very last corner.

Japanese Grand Prix 2000, Suzuka

With this one, the start of Michael Schumacher’s era took place. Eventually, he won this one due to the use of the overcut and pitting. After this, the name of Schumacher started to sound even more confident in the world arena. Overall, the race is a lot of fun to watch.

Mexican Grand Prix in 1990, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Vast crashes and numerous DNF’s is what characterizes the race the best. Actually, the whole race was about fighting between two McLarens and Ferrari drivers (Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell).

Finally, Mansell managed to become the leader.

Canadian Grand Prix in 2011, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

The whole race is better to be described as complete madness. And, it can be referred to as the category of the comeback drives.

Crazy rain influenced this competition a lot. It was very tense as long as for the whole period of racing, the drivers were constantly making mistakes, spinning, and so on. Jenson Button managed to become the first in this one. However, before it became evident he was winnings, there was a chance that Vettel would be the leader.

1986 Australia, Adelaide Street Circuit

The real fight here was revolving around three drivers who were Mansell, Piquet, and Prost. The excitement was added by the aspect that neither Prost nor Mansell were named champions before that race.

First of all, Mansell was the leader but it didn’t continue to be like this all the time. Punctures, spins and overtakes were the features of the race. Finally, Prost became the champion with a 2- second difference.

Italian Grand Prix 2020, Monza

One of the most curious moments was the sudden improvement of Gasly from the tenth to third place. Those who seemed to be the leaders turned out to take the last positions.

Within the final lap, Sainz finished 4 tenths of a second behind Gasly. All of these races are great fun to watch and analyze. Do it if you haven’t yet!

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