Classic IndyCar Series iRacing Mid Ohio 19/09/21

Classic IndyCar Series iRacing Mid Ohio 19/09/21Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing is revving up for the next race at Mid Ohio. Tune into the event live on 19/09/21.

The Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing is ready for its next event at Mid Ohio.  CIS has been a great series to cover all season, frantic racing, old rivalries surfacing and the relentless driving force to become champion.

This series is full of everything you would expect in racing, all being it is virtual, make no mistake, CIS is up there with the best. Tune in live via the feed provided below.

Defending champion Lucas Laville has the race build up.

CIS returns to the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course this weekend, for the 200 miles, 89 lap event around the standard configuration of the twisty race track in Lexington, Ohio. The 2.4 mile course welcomed CIS last in 2019.

With similar characteristics as Sonoma, this technical venue is a place where passing will be once again difficult on pure pace. Aero settings should be high, and close to maxed out for most of the field, and the road course specialists will have this race marked in their calendar to seek big points for the championship.

In 2019, we saw plenty of good racing all over the field during the race. The top 5 in qualifying all led laps at some point of the event. The ealry going was dominated by the every present duo that year of Matt Cooke and Joshua Chin.

An early retirement however from Chin brought back Robert Grosser and Jone Kaijanen in the fight. These 4 drivers led a minimum of 17 laps each, with the Fin Kaijanen topping the field at 27 laps at the point.

With Cooke and Kaijanen absent this season, Joshua Chin will be the overwhelming favorite for this race, even more so after his absolute domination at Sonoma 4 weeks ago. However, new contenders this year could make things a bit more interesting.

Championship leader Ethan Agan has been very consistent so far, and finished second at Sonoma. Others like Willi Shwabauer, and road course specialists Julien Altena, Alex Crawford or Tuomas Mustanen could make some noise.

Qualifying will once again be a huge factor.

Fuel strategy could once again be a factor. The expected stint length is about 33 to 34 without saving, depending on the temps. Keep an eye on the stop windows, as undercut or overcut could be the best way to make ground !

Tune into the event live right here

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